Excursions by Amit Gawande


October 13, 2019   I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted. Boy oh boy, if I had known earlier that the road to the recovery from this procedure is not straight
October 13, 2019   Get yourself a blog   Nice reminder from Dave Winer (who else) on what blogs are not. You imagine that your blog is lonely and angry that you’re not visiting, but that’s
October 12, 2019   When do I want Automation?   Derek Sivers recently wrote about how he does not prefer using automation for things that he would better do himself. Or he enjoys doing manually.
October 10, 2019   I had to stop reading Thinking Fast and Slow. Not sure if it was the audiobook form or my current frame of mind, but it was monotonous, bland
October 9, 2019   I love the simple paintings that my sister makes.
October 6, 2019   I'm glad that Android exists   On a recent busy Friday morning, I hopped into my cab on my way to the office. I was about to isolate myself by plugging my ears with an audiobook.
October 5, 2019   I recently went through an experience that put my rational mind under a scanner. After a tiring session of shopping for clothes, I stood in the
October 4, 2019   Every now and then, you come across people who are filled with negative vibes. There is nothing constructive that they can ever think of about any
October 1, 2019   Quick thoughts on few tech news today   Duplex on Chrome? Sorry, not for me. Google wants Chrome to be a platform — but it already runs on another platform, my OS. And
September 30, 2019   Every now and then, I wonder about that time when I am at my creative best. It is, rather, everyone’s desire to find that time, that place, those
September 30, 2019   Apple Arcade needs instant play - similar to the instant apps on Android. It is extremely frustrating to wait for huge games to download before you
September 26, 2019   A year ago I wrote “Woke up to find that Amazon brought a bag full of ‘things’, untied it on stage and started throwing it against the wall. No one
September 25, 2019   I am not a gamer. I cannot play a single-person shooter. I was ok with this particular style of gaming when it was on desktop, with a keyboard and a
September 24, 2019   I recently started watching Undone. Actual storyline aside, I am not yet sure if I like this method of animation - rotoscoping. Especially the way
September 24, 2019   I recently changed the pair of glasses I was using. I do not like to go through the pains of this whole process. First, one needs to select a frame
September 24, 2019   I find it fascinating that Twitter recommends me to follow someone that hasn’t been active for more than two years. Why, why should “follow” that
September 23, 2019   While cleaning up my old notes back from 2009, came across this wonderful quote by Hunter S. Thompson. Life should not be a journey to the grave
September 22, 2019   I have been planning to refresh the look of my blog for quite some time now. I, finally, managed to get the things changed a bit today. The biggest
September 20, 2019   Recently, I have been seriously considering moving my Wordpress account to a paid plan. It hosts my old blog with posts from ages
September 19, 2019   I am tired of people making fun of a feature just because they cannot think of a use for that. This attitude recently came to the fore with Apple’s
September 18, 2019   I wonder what the purists think of the recent computational photography trend. Google started it with its all-in-cloud touch up of the photos. And
September 17, 2019   I had no idea that there exists something called Nation Play-Doh Day. It does, and it is today. This “toy” always fascinates me. This also reminded
September 16, 2019   It's just some bottled clay..   I had no idea that there exists something called Nation Play-Doh Day. It does, and it is today. This “toy” always fascinates me. After all, it is
September 16, 2019   It was a different day today. It was a different birthday today. There was no late night, or early morning, cake cutting celebrations. Because I
September 16, 2019   There are so many of these apparently great films of the 21st century that I haven’t seen yet. I have seen few, but they are mostly from before
September 15, 2019   I wonder what’s the best way to make note of the fleeting thoughts, say adding an item to a list of things that one needs to do. I know my memory is
September 15, 2019   If a website doesn’t function on a browser other than Chrome or with content blocking on, it loses me as a visitor. I am tired of web developers
September 14, 2019   Recent partial failure of the Indian lunar exploration mission — communication loss with the lander
September 12, 2019   Apple needs to stop being so stingy with the storages they provide. I do not recall they putting much emphasis on their storage plans, on-device or
September 11, 2019   Face recognition, bad people and bad data   We worry about face recognition just as we worried about databases - we worry what happens if they contain bad data and we worry what bad people
September 7, 2019   Not justifying either side. But the fact that there is a possible conflict of interest with Google’s Project Zero involvement, given it owns
September 6, 2019   For my 5 year old daughter who just watched another magician perform, magic is a skill that is matched by nothing else. It is something that she
September 5, 2019   Reading Log for September   Recently, my reading habits have been pleasantly satisfying. If not something that I can be proud of, or anything that’s comparable to the voracious
September 4, 2019   Effectiveness of Customer Service Representatives   I have met two types of customer service representatives. There is a section that is trained to listen to what the customer has to be say and serve
September 1, 2019   A Month of Bullet Journaling   It’s been around a month since I started maintaining a bullet journal (BuJo, as it is called with love). It has been an enlightening month - I have
August 31, 2019   I believe I have finally managed to get the Micropub posts - mainly likes and notes - created via Shortcut. Have solved my need for now, mainly link
August 29, 2019   When will the private companies selling consumer products stop assuming they continue to own the product (and especially the data it collects) after
August 28, 2019   I remember there was a discussion sometime back about using Shortcuts to make Micropub requests - mainly to create different posts. Especially
August 27, 2019   Nothing that Google does to hoard more data is surprising any more. Sigh! What happens when you launch Google Chrome for the first time on a
August 26, 2019   No Planning against Unplanned   Too much has been happening for the last few weeks. I do not like this much happening. For one, it completely ruins all the plans one
August 26, 2019   Long time back, I had added The 15:17 to Paris in my watchlist, for one simple reason. Clint Eastwood. I finally managed to catch up on the movie.
August 24, 2019   Here Come the Space Tugs, Ready to Tidy Up Earth's Orbits   SpaceX is teaming up with the maker of a space tugboat, which would nudge satellites around, clean up space junk, and do other orbital
August 22, 2019   Being normal is a privilege   I am stunned at how often someone calls somebody else “normal”, with a hope that it would belittle him or her. Why is being “normal” not ok? Normal
August 22, 2019   How can Google continue to deliver the GMail app on iOS with the attachment functionality that is so limited. And still get it through Apple.
August 21, 2019   Notes, Messages, Phone and Photos. These are the apps from Apple that I use on my iPhone. All others are developed by the third-party developers. I
August 20, 2019   I am fed up of reading the long posts from men that list down all the household tasks that, as per them, women do - as if they are the only tasks
August 18, 2019   “BBQ is happiness!”
August 17, 2019   Walking through a foggy street   Making attempts to understand what the future holds is understandable, but it is pointless to think too much about that. Thinking about all the
August 17, 2019   Nature paints in so many colours - but it pays special attention when it paints in white. It is gorgeous, it is healing.
August 16, 2019   Silence Within   What is silence? Is it the lack of any sound or is it the lack of any discernible sound? What do you need to attain calmness? Today, I sat alone,
August 16, 2019   Terry Pratchett's artistry with words   It is the passages like these from Terry Pratchett that leave completely in awe of his imagination. He can dream up craziest of the crazy, stupid
August 15, 2019   The Promise of “instant”   Patience is a virtue that is rapidly getting extinct within us. Everything digital has trained us to expect everything instant. You want to read,
August 15, 2019   How ergonomical are the ergonomic mouse in reality - especially the vertical ones? I am seriously considering buying just to see if it helps. I am
August 14, 2019   I have decided that I will skip the iOS public betas this year. iOS 13 betas just haven’t been stable enough right from WWDC time. And the dark mode
August 14, 2019   The concept of dreams always fascinate me. There are dreams that jerk you out of the sleep. And there are those that make you put yourself back to
August 14, 2019   Apparently, less than half of Google searches now result in a click — that percentage is even lesser on mobile devices. Google’s
August 13, 2019   It is tiring to make decisions. Because the judgement that follows after every decision invariably forces one to question whether it was worth the
August 12, 2019   Making Decisions   It is very tiring to make decisions. There appears to exist a popular perception that decision, once made, leads to some irreversible change to the
August 11, 2019   Being Digital Literate towards Privacy   My sister recently bought a new iPhone - her first, switching over from Android - and was happily setting it up with all the apps she had been
August 11, 2019   Natural beauty always trumps everything artificial - allows me stay connected to our roots.
August 11, 2019   Stealing Hours from Sleep   There is no point ignoring sleep - you can’t steal hours from what the sleep deserves. You can be happy for a day because you got some extra hours
August 8, 2019   I went very conservative while setting the reading challenge for myself this year - I have been very poor recently in completing any books. Was
August 6, 2019   After months of neglect, I finally updated my /now page today. There have been too many updates recently. Plus too many things on my mind that I had
August 6, 2019   This is the snapshot of my daily habit tracker for August. I have started with a smaller list — but I want to make sure the task
August 6, 2019   The Hidden Costs of Automated Thinking   A brilliant essay at New Yorker on A.I. and intellectual debt, output of an often employed “approach to discovery — answers first, explanations
August 5, 2019   Black coffee or a green tea - what would sit next to me as I get started on my next project? Uhmm … nah. Got to be the good old regular chai! ✍🏽
August 3, 2019   I’m seriously considering buying an instant camera — thought of having an analog note of a memory is genuinely appealing.
August 2, 2019   The Trouble with Emoji   Written languages based on alphabets are one of the great human accomplishments. (…) when I write the word “human” you can fill in what you imagine
August 2, 2019   A couple of my colleagues have been debating on since how long the dinosaurs have been extinct — one claims it was 200 years.
July 29, 2019   Given a choice, would you prefer a prepaid unlimited plan for something or pay as you use? More things I review
July 27, 2019   I came across an interesting project - rwtxt - which is now serving the ideas subdomain of my website. I was, since long, in search of a simple
July 27, 2019   It has been pouring down incessantly since yesterday. The sound of stillness such that cloudburst spreads is both soothing and annoying at the same
July 25, 2019   I realized FaceId does not recognize me while am yawning. I doubt it may not even be a bug - may be it’s a feature. “If you are yawning such that
July 25, 2019   Machine learning is about to revolutionize the study of ancient games   A fascinating read — instance when ML application is generally positive. The goal is to better understand these ancient games
July 25, 2019   Cursive writing is fun. Cursive writing is difficult - not everybody’s cup of tea. I was to learn cursive writing. These statements are mutually
July 25, 2019   And the journey begins! 🤞🏽
July 24, 2019   Files are fraught with peril   A really great article summarizing the perils of files and writes and file systems. And also on why exactly consumers should care. Especially, the
July 23, 2019   Have We Hit Peak Podcast?   Nope. These articles keep getting churned out every few months — and the frequency might even be on the rise. I always wonder
July 23, 2019   What if there existed a social network designed for decency? The only intelligence it would have is sentiment analysis that would identify - and
July 22, 2019   There was a time when I used to diligently write a short story every week. I wanted to attempt writing a fictional story of every genre. I was even
July 20, 2019   Clouds can spread gloom - but the rain that follows brings out all the colourful umbrellas. The time’s always cheerful.
July 20, 2019   Every now and then, I spend some time selecting that one good wallpaper for my lock and home screen. And it never is easy. Recently came across this
July 19, 2019   Apple also wants to serve exclusive podcasts now. This recent craze of everyone coming up with their own exclusive content - movies, shows and
July 18, 2019   Do people use cases or covers for their smartphones? I am always split — keep the perfect weight and feel of the device or keep
July 16, 2019   We had a nice little family dinner at a cozy, laid-back barbeque restaurant. It was evening full of delectable food, soothing music and lots of
July 16, 2019   So I finally jumped the ship - upgraded to iPhone XR from SE. As much as I liked the smallwe form factor, it was always tempting to use and find
July 16, 2019   The ICC World Cup deserved a better end than what played out on Sunday between England and New Zealand. All the debates and controversies around the
July 10, 2019   India's loss in World Cup Semi-Final 🏏   So India lost to New Zealand in Semi-Final of the ICC world cup 2019. I have some thoughts. It’s heartbreaking as hell. Almost at a level of 2003
July 10, 2019   This ICC Cricket World Cup is of One Day International (ODI) cricket — one day. Deciding finalist via a two-day match just
July 9, 2019   Came across this essay on how it is never too late to be successful and, hence, happy. It made me wonder what exactly is the relation between
July 5, 2019   It’s good to be back to a healthy lifestyle. For past few months, my routine had been completely screwed, plus I had a mind full of stuff.
June 28, 2019   If you have watched or are watching the Chernobyl series, you just can’t miss the companion podcast where the creators talk about the show. It is
June 28, 2019   I wish there was a clean Micropub client which could handle long form posts - especially saving drafts. I usually use the self hosted Micropublish
June 28, 2019   With Ive gone, will we see Apple embracing more colors in their designs - especially hardware? Choice of monochrome, aluminum look for all products
June 21, 2019   I started watching Chernobyl this week — 3 episodes in and it has already made me realize how grave the effects of the disaster
June 17, 2019   A spot-on rant on twitter by @colmmacc on the bickering between Genius and Google Lyrics — especially this. This whole spat is
June 16, 2019   Ah, the hype that was created all around the cricket match of ICC World Cup - India vs Pakistan - by the media has worked on me. I may stay hooked
June 16, 2019   With my daughter and iPad as a platform growing up together, it is becoming difficult to have a single iPad in our household. It’s becoming my
June 16, 2019   After a long time, our whole family visited the movie theatre to watch The Secret Life of Pets 2. It was a nice fun outing - I have never seen my
June 16, 2019   I finally watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - boy it’s such a fun movie. A fresh premise for a superhero flick with Marvel’s signature fun
June 14, 2019   It’s been around two months now that we’ve no television at home. And surprisingly I do not find it painful. Sure, I could use the larger 40+inch
June 14, 2019   A great overview from @viticci on iPadOS. Looks like this is the beginning of a bundle of iPad specific features - something the powerful Pro
June 11, 2019   I have read reactions to WWDC from many folks now. And almost each one of them has found a different thing to be extremely exited about. Tells you
June 2, 2019   Watching Agents Of Shield, the series is surprisingly good. Initial few episodes were ok, but it has grown on me towards end of season one. Low
May 28, 2019   It’s been crazy times recently. Times with changes abound, changes in every facet of my life. At work. Off work. “Renovation” is a possible
May 20, 2019   When people declare on Twitter they would be at some place in town and are open for a meet, are they looking forward to meet strangers? Don’t think
April 30, 2019   I do not understand this narrative of folding phones being the smartphones of future. Why would you carry a device which is physically more prone to
April 28, 2019   A hot Sunday Summer afternoon is well spent with the whole family over a game of Dobble. Lots of teasing, lots of fun, lots of laughter. Don’t think
April 24, 2019   Are podcasts wasting our time?   Chris Richards, putting his perspective through, does kick a hornet’s nest. Something even I have done earlier. I’m against podcasts. I think
April 24, 2019   Managed to book tickets to Endgame — boy, the craze for the movie is off the charts. In recent times, I’ve avoided the frenzied
April 22, 2019   I am done binge-watching all the seasons of Brooklyn 99 - it was a refreshing time-out at the end of a work day. I am back sifting through the list
April 22, 2019   Publishing to the open web   I read this note from Dave Winer on state of publishing on the open web. The first part reads like a fact. It’s too hard to publish something to
April 22, 2019   Missed a great innings from MSD yesterday — boy, the man can do anything. He has his own style of working a game of cricket.
April 15, 2019   I believe Indian selectors went with the safe options, calm heads over fireworks, while selecting the cricket World Cup squad. Most of the team
April 14, 2019   Do people use Anti-virus software, especially on Windows? I never used one on Mac, but since moving to Windows, that is one aspect I am pretty split
April 12, 2019   I realise I have a very different taste in music than majority of the people out there (or so I am made to believe). I enjoy none of the global
April 12, 2019   This week’s episode of Reply All (#140) was pretty interesting. Of course, the issue being discussed itself was intriguing - Ben’s “car stereo
April 11, 2019   IPL matches are running too late into the night — I just can’t stay up late on the weekday. I’m sure am not alone and the
April 10, 2019   “Samsung’s Galaxy A80 is an automated notchless slider with rotating triple camera.” This is getting totally crazy now - that’s too many moving
April 10, 2019   Castro welcomed me today with this screen. Of course, they were expecting an “Aww thanks” from me. But that wasn’t the feeling I had. All I could
April 9, 2019   If there’s a one feature on iOS that has remained in my wishlist for too long now is setting defaults. It was browser earlier, it’s tiring to use
April 9, 2019   The Golden Age of Half-Truths → I would argue that we are living in the golden age of half-truths, thanks in part to the evolution of media as a
April 8, 2019   I am a quarter into Lethal White. Intriguing as always from Rowling, the story moves as the mystery deepens. Of course, the master at work again,
April 6, 2019   When I watched the first couple of episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine, I instantly gave up. I thought it was too childish — and I
April 3, 2019   State of Mobile Imaging   There has been a lot of positive craze around Huawei P30 Pro’s cameras recently. For me it started with this Twitter thread by Vlad Savov of The
April 3, 2019   Most people have some filler word they fall back to during public speaking/presentation. I have worked hard to reduce my usage of “actually”.
April 2, 2019   Imagination and Creation   I read this wonderful quote by Charlie Chaplin today - I am going to use this leniently to keep the creative corner of my mind inspired.
April 2, 2019   I see iA Writer for Windows finally supports the much needed feature, Library of posts. It’s the one feature that I missed the most from its
April 1, 2019   Joining a new place of work is always full of anticipation, hope for what the day, coming months and possibly years hold. That kind of day today.
March 31, 2019   A visit to a hair dresser is always a frightful experience. With each question they ask, I can’t help but think things are getting messy. Bloody,
March 29, 2019   Pleasing to be back to reading. Keeping my Kindle always next me has helped and I have started carrying it everywhere. I have realised it is
March 28, 2019   The convenience of Bluetooth headphones has stifled the hatred I had for the inherent lag it brings. Sure, it’s still not good enough for videos.
March 27, 2019   I am reversing my judgement on Spotify, I just didn’t like the interface when it launched. I still don’t (though I have started liking the real
March 27, 2019   It is so easy to screw up one’s YouTube experience. Just watch something you aren’t interested in, but are because you need to just this moment. All
March 27, 2019   Does anyone use the Brave browser? I always hear it is just like Chrome, without the ugly parts around privacy and security. That also the reason
March 26, 2019   Today’s Apple event was the first one where I have no opinion on. They showed many services that can potentially be great one day. But that day is
March 25, 2019   Discussing Social Networks, Again   Another week, another discussion on the state of social networks on TWiT network. This time it took place on the latest episode of This week in
March 25, 2019   With growing age, I have become too choosy about the type of movies/shows I watch. There was a time when I used to enjoy intense drama that would
March 25, 2019   When I had found Stoop, the newsletter app, I instantly became a big fan. But I have realized the issues kept piling up as I could hardly get a
March 24, 2019   When you have a mind not too clogged with some insignificant thoughts, one can get things done. I managed to add support for syndicating posts to
March 24, 2019   Selecting and Reading Books   I keep mentioning every time I get a chance that I am too picky while selecting the books I read. So it was fascinating to read few suggestions from
March 24, 2019   I’ve been using Spotify for a couple of weeks now. I still hate the interface — it’s barely usable. So difficult to browse
March 24, 2019   The emojis, they are tired now of being so important for all, but always captive to the smartphones. No longer they say 😑 PS: Also my sister needs
March 24, 2019   Decluttering my mind   I am currently on a break - I do not have any official work time as such. So this is an opportunity for rethinking things, declutter the stuff
March 24, 2019   It’s been almost a month that I didn’t read or write anything significant, I intend to change that today. I was caught up with too many activities,
February 24, 2019   I realized today that it was on this day a year back that I had opened Micro.threads to all. It was the first project built ground up that I had
February 22, 2019   The homepage design of almost all news publications look very similar these days — rows and columns of jumbled text. I am yet to
February 20, 2019   I agree with Brad Frost’s suggestion to stay boring while desiging login forms. I have indeed dislike every example of don’ts he puts
February 14, 2019   How Focus Music Hacks Your Brain → Different types of music affects your brain in different ways. If you’re trying to focus, there’s scientifically
February 13, 2019   I have been quite busy recently both at my day job and at home. Too many things to look after, planning for many eminent changes in life.
February 13, 2019   Dave Pell on Amazon buying Eero So now Amazon can run your router, your home security camera (Blink), your doorbell (Ring), your TV (Fire), and
February 12, 2019   Amazon acquiring Eero is a nice reminder of the risk of the technology players getting too big. It becomes extremely difficult for any small players
February 10, 2019   Another fascinating video from CGP Grey on The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won’t Use. I’ve wondered about this every time I’m stuck in a
February 10, 2019   It was discomforting to read Owen William’s account of his failed attempt to add his site to Google News. Not just because how aloof Google acted,
February 10, 2019   Dear Internet, stop throwing more links to Eleventy at me now. It strains my resolve to not try another engine out there to build site with. I am
February 9, 2019   I tend to agree with John Gruber’s thoughts on “On Covering Webcams” The problem isn’t your camera, it’s malware. Don’t install any software from
February 9, 2019   I wonder how many people with iOS devices use any browser other than Safari. I can never convince myself to switch to any other
February 9, 2019   A fascinating story of The First Lady of the Internet A passing glance at this peculiar genealogy reveals how deeply these women’s faces and voices
February 8, 2019   In an article on how Instagram “travel influencers” are affecting homeownership around the world is hidden a very unfortunate truth. Today
February 8, 2019   Recently David documented the steps to expose a JSON feed on a @Blot site. I’ve been running a JSON feed for my blog for some time now, which also
February 8, 2019   Every now and then I am reminded of the fact that Opera browser still exists — why and how? There was a time when I enjoyed
February 7, 2019   Foxcon’s entry to Wisconsin looks to have affected the town in tumultuous proportions as per a Bloomberg report. There was also a fascinating
February 7, 2019   Adding On This Day feature to Blot   Recently David Merfield, the developer behind Blot, documented the steps to expose a JSON feed on a Blot site. I have been running a JSON feed for
February 7, 2019   “Cleaning your room takes effort. Blurring your background on Skype does not.” This is a nifty addition to Skype - bokeh for video calls. And a very
February 7, 2019   When someone publicises the intended motive behind their service as “to democratize audio and unlock the potential of human creativity”, we can
February 6, 2019   I always believed Anchor was strategically working towards an acquisition. I never thought they would sell out so early. So glad that I did not sign
February 6, 2019   Has the political realm across the world always been this messy? Or is it that I read more about it now and hence am more aware? I am left anguished
February 6, 2019   It is to capture discussions like this that I had initially built Micro.threads. I eventually added many capabilities to it that I wanted to
February 5, 2019   What are the recommended, non-tech, non-news newsletters? Other than NextDraft, of course. I have realised the newsletters I subscribe to tend to
February 5, 2019   Design is not how it looks. Design is how it works. A nice reminder from Patrick Rhone (@patrickrhone) - every designer should hang this over
February 4, 2019   Indian Government wants to put control on Tik Tok - this is a fall-out of the fake-news debacle with WhatsApp. It wants to make sure there are
February 4, 2019   Spending a quality time with close family amidst nature is the most effective way to get rejuvenated.
February 4, 2019   I managed to catch up on two great television series - Doc Martin and The Good Place, both highly recommended by the community here. Need to
February 3, 2019   Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult   So apparently we, humans, are struggling to prove ourselves as human now - The Verge reports. Figuring out how to fix those blurry image quizzes
February 3, 2019   A great thread by Destin of Smarter Every Day on how crazy minds are fooling YouTube algorithms with AI. I just figured something out I want to
February 1, 2019   I attempted to watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch today. Netflix managed to solve a lot many technical challenges — it is a
February 1, 2019   I published my thoughts on the wonderful movie “Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli”. It’s celebration of a life — the movie, the experience
January 31, 2019   Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli - Celebration of a life   I recently watched “Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli”, a movie I was very eagerly waiting for quite some time now. It is a biopic of a person that I adore, an
January 31, 2019   Introducing Codeblog - “Why isn’t the internet more fun and weird” → Codeblog makes coding as easy as blogging. It’s an open-source blogging
January 31, 2019   I feel updates to m.b discover feed have slowed down significantly. May be @macgenie too is getting ready with some nice little announcements to
January 31, 2019   In a year marred by media tirade for their sheer disregard for user’s privacy, Facebook continues to grow unhindered. Their income grew more than
January 31, 2019   Just when I thought that I was done with theming my online presence, I’m being tempted to think otherwise. First, this wonderful discussion on a
January 30, 2019   Just a glance down the Twitter timeline and it fills one with rage. There’s just too much negativity on display. And a big source for that are likes
January 30, 2019   Apple finally blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps. The ties between the two companies drop to an all time low. Facebook considers
January 29, 2019   Bluetooth headphones suck big time if used for listening to any form of music. They are good only for podcasts/audiobooks or calls. Videos are more
January 29, 2019   There’s a planned change in how DNS responds to queries from non-complaint systems and it can potentially affect your domain availability. You can
January 28, 2019   Diary and Journals   Derek Sivers wrote a wonderful piece on the benefits he has realized via his diaries and journals. He talks about why he likes keeping his daily
January 28, 2019   I intend to stop publishing the weekly digest from this week onward, at least in its current form. It was turning out to be an effort against a post
January 28, 2019   Surprisingly (or not may be), I was dearly missing the system-wide emojis from Mac as I switched to Windows — before I realized,
January 28, 2019   I understand the argument of this GDPR article on Verge, but, as a developer, I also believe that the data these companies hold on you is very
January 27, 2019   What do you do with your old electronic devices? I find this decision especially tricky with laptops and tablets. They may be unusable for me, but I
January 27, 2019   I am making conscious efforts to avoid the fillers in my writing, and whenever possible in my talking too. I have realised I use them a lot and the
January 26, 2019   It’s been a year today since I became part of the micro.blog community. It was a fascinating year of finding the lost love for writing and of
January 25, 2019   On this day, a year ago   Around a year ago, I got enthralled by the IndieWeb principles and started experimenting with them on my website. Exactly a year ago today, I had
January 25, 2019   I see a lot of people exploring wiki, especially TiddlyWiki, as a way to capture thoughts these days. There must be some fun and efficiency in it
January 24, 2019   Apparently, phones with foldable displays are all the rage among OEMs and tech media. I however can’t think of any practical usecase for an
January 24, 2019   Reflecting on the last 10 years   I recently came across the #10YearChallenge that was all the rage among the netizens. And, as is often the case with the memes on social media, it
January 23, 2019   In case you watched the “super wolf blood moon”, you also witnessed “the first known sighting of a meteorite impact” during eclipse. During the
January 23, 2019   I agree with Michael Tsai - Apple needs to get their act together on hardware front. This is just not a good generation of Mac notebooks.
January 22, 2019   To everyone who serves RSS feeds for their blogs, subscribe to them in a feed reader of your choice. Then make an unbiased decision on whether you
January 22, 2019   I love email, more than ever   Martin Weigert talks pretty openly about his love for emails. Over the years, one frequent type of blog post published by tech heavyweights laments
January 22, 2019   I haven’t read a better inspiration to write down the thoughts than this quote from Michael Wade. Perfect! Don’t just think it, write it. Staring
January 22, 2019   To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet → The museum (Museo del Violino in Cremona, Italy) is assisting with an ambitious
January 21, 2019   I have been a 1Password user for quite some time now. But the recent switch of platforms has given me another chance to reconsider the options
January 21, 2019   I had no idea iA Writer is already launched for Windows. This should potentially address my uneasiness with Markdown editors or lack thereof. I hope
January 21, 2019   After a brief holiday hiatus, Third-Person Voice is back with a new story. Introducing Tikwadi, a town of fools; a town where the creatures that
January 21, 2019   Jack Baty is bang-on when he says this. I subconsciously ignore such posts. I’ve read about quitting are 90% rationale and 10% about what’s next.
January 21, 2019   Switching to Windows   I have finally given up on the hope that Apple will fix their Macbook lineup and have decided to switch to Windows. It was a long time coming, and
January 21, 2019   🗓️ The Weekly Digest [21/01] 🔗 Useful Wordpress Plugin by Tyler 🔗 Effects of Screens via Sameer 🔗 Ethical Hypocrisy by Leah 🔗 We aren’t brands
January 20, 2019   I might have unintentionally polluted the timeline for a few with a flurry of “new” posts — it was a feed issue. I apologise for
January 20, 2019   I am still not sure why would someone report the teaser of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as inappropriate. If anything, it’s the prompt YouTube
January 18, 2019   A thread on Google buying Fossil’s IP on wearables triggers a discussion around watch UX and the round face, gets a response from an ex-engineer on
January 18, 2019   I don’t want to be a brand → When everything becomes a performance, nothing is truly real. Not even our lives. Is it so unacceptable that we simply
January 17, 2019   Given that micro.blog was down most of the day today, I got a feel of how a timeline with just the original posts, no replies, would look like. And
January 14, 2019   Don’t kill my app → Smartphones are turning back into dumbphones. We’ve to fight back! To squeeze little extra battery out of phones, Android
January 14, 2019   Watching the sun set into the expanse of an ocean is a great time to ruminate — it’s therapeutic.
January 14, 2019   I am still in a vacation mood, enough that I may skip drafting the weekly digest this week. However, I look forward to the summaries from others to
January 13, 2019   A cup of evening tea as the waves come gliding along the shore - the soothing sound, the serenity.
January 11, 2019   It is for reasons like this that I never keep my SmartTV connected to internet. It doesn’t matter which brand the TV is (I own a Sony), I just don’t
January 9, 2019   Came across this wonderful, little app MorningPages. It looks like a simple, no bells and whistles personal journaling app. There’s no account
January 8, 2019   “When you remove meaningless words, the power of your words goes up.” - Seth Godin I know I should live by these words. But it is difficult - a
January 8, 2019   New year, new GitHub → GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for private projects
January 7, 2019   Pingdom stops their free plan now → (Pingdom) will no longer offer our free plans as of February 6, 2019. To continue enjoying the benefits of
January 7, 2019   It’s really fascinating to me that so much of complex design on web is possible now with CSS Grid. You can really think of content spaces as code
January 7, 2019   Ditching Medium → As you’ve probably heard, people aren’t happy with Medium at the moment. What started as an awesome blogging platform seems to
January 7, 2019   🗓️ The Weekly Digest [07/01] 🔗 A year of kindness by Sameer 🔗 Commonmarks by Matthew 🔗 Word to live by: Jean, Cheri, Manuel, Sameer 🔗 Streets
January 7, 2019   Humble brag alert - Micro.threads used up my free dyno hours on Heroku, for the 1st time. Plus few people successfully setup and used Blotpub. It’s
January 6, 2019   🎥 I finished watching second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - boy, such a wonderful show this is. I don’t remember the last time when I loved
January 5, 2019   Social Networks won't fade away   Irrespective of what the popular belief is, the need for social networks is not going away — more so amongst those who are not technology oriented.
January 5, 2019   Apparently, Nokia is soon going to release a smartphone with five rear cameras. And two flashes. Yes, a total of seven holes at the back of your
January 5, 2019   The iOS Menu → I realised six months ago as I was using my Mac, using the menus, that I need these things — menus — in Codea. (…) So I set out to
January 5, 2019   It is wonderful to slowly rouse from your sleep, you thinking it must be middle of the night, only to realise it is a perfect dawn outside. You know
January 4, 2019   I know am a bit late to share, but I always enjoy parsing through the findings from GitHub Octoverse. This year’s report is no different - some
January 4, 2019   If you need to persuade someone to take action, you’re doing marketing. Seth Godin on marketing. I believe my attempt earlier was to persuade
January 4, 2019   xkcd, as always, gets it bang on why I dislike the smart computers of today correcting and reminding me continuously. And now they also start second
January 4, 2019   It is always exciting to check the Pingdom monthly report. And always see zero outages with response times in 200-300ms range since I moved to a
January 3, 2019   Discuss on Micro.blog   I have recently been thinking a lot about making it easier for people to interact on my posts. The commenting systems of yesteryears served well
January 3, 2019   It’s so great to see updates to the Dialog app. It‘s a great app - very well-designed and beautiful to scroll through. And with ability to post
January 3, 2019   Anticipation of any sort is the biggest sleep killer. Your mind wanders around, stitching up every permutation and combination of what’s to happen.
December 31, 2018   A Warm Adieu, 2018   2018, for me, was a year of many firsts. To be frank, I was uncharacteristically active overall — so much so that I startled
December 31, 2018   🗓️ The Weekly Digest [31/12] - Season Special! 🖼️ Celebrations! Sameer 📷, Tones 📷, Steven 📷, Randy 📷, Paul 📷, Rosemary 📷, Gabriel 📷, Andrew
December 30, 2018   Every time I read or watch anything listicle, I cringe. I inattentively fall for the shady tricks from these “evil” people - I am a sucker for such
December 29, 2018   In times like these when I have to fight the winter outside and wake up early to watch a cricket match, I wonder is there no one on my timeline who
December 28, 2018   Black Mirror: Bandersnatch → we could finally see the video-streaming service roll out a new feature that lets viewers use their remote controls to
December 28, 2018   🎥 Finally managed to watch The Last Jedi — I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Of course, I am discounting the fact that some plot
December 27, 2018   Finally, managed to document the steps to enable webmentions support on one’s site. I hope it comes handy for at least few people. This should allow
December 26, 2018   Minor Micro.threads update: You can now favorite/unfavorite a post right from the thread discovery section. So, in addition to an option to open a
December 26, 2018   We are all poets now → Every word counts. Every breath as well. In a world filled with empty noise, the most important slots are reserved for the
December 26, 2018   The joy of art is in letting one’s mind free to express itself. I need to remind my sister to let that happen more often.
December 25, 2018   The ‘Future Book’ Is Here, but It’s Not What We Expected Physical books today look like physical books of last century. And digital books of today
December 25, 2018   My timeline’s full of charming, festive pictures, full of merriness. Any review post for this week can be filled with just these snippets. They‘re
December 24, 2018   It’s Christmas Eve. And isn’t it a wonderful time to marvel at the life one has? Here’s a new episode of Third-Person Voice. A tale of two grumpy,
December 24, 2018   🗓️ The Weekly Digest [23/12] 🔗 YouTube Conundrum by Nitin 🔗 Quantum Amplitudes via John 🔗 Like-button and Internet via Fiona 🔗 Themes: Blot,
December 24, 2018   The Fall and Rise of M. Night Shyamalan → In one of the first scenes, the nanny enters the house (..) Taking the step over the threshold, almost
December 22, 2018   Fog Waves Are The Most Beautiful Thing I Captured After 8 Years Of Experimenting - Bored Panda → Shooting fog is a study and takes a lot of
December 22, 2018   So Blot still seems to be down. So I have dusted my old Hugo based journal, just to see if things are up - working. I hope it is. I believe it is.
December 22, 2018   Fog Waves Are The Most Beautiful Thing I Captured After 8 Years Of Experimenting - Bored Panda → Shooting fog is a study and takes a lot of
December 21, 2018   Advocating for privacy in Australia → Both the bill itself, and the controversy around the process by which it passed, have damaged the reputation
December 21, 2018   The Rise and Demise of RSS   This is such fascinating write up by Sinclair Target on history behind the challenges RSS has faced over the years. And also why it just never
December 21, 2018   Open APIs and the Facebook Trash Fire → I’m done assuming good faith; I’m done assuming incompetence; I’m done assuming ignorance. Once on
December 20, 2018   So we name the moons of other planets - Titan for example - but our moon is just the “moon”. Not sure what that says about us humans. 🤔
December 20, 2018   It doesn’t matter what is right or wrong, true or false regarding Facebook’s behavior. The constant stream of negative press has to affect overall
December 18, 2018   I, finally, added the links to Third-Person Voice for all the podcast players out there in the about page. So now one can subscribe to the Microcast
December 17, 2018   Another episode of Third-Person Voice is out now. For them, the walk was supposed to be about finding something that was lost. He, however, had a
December 17, 2018   🗓️ The Weekly Digest [16/12] 🔗 On switching to a Pixelbook via Colm 🔗 Forgetting habits learned from online platforms by Alan 💬 ..and
December 16, 2018   I have been on an unplanned official travel for the last week - one full of crazy full day schedules. And boy did it affect my routine. I could
December 12, 2018   I wish there was a way to ignore the limit for Screen Time on iOS at the complete device level, rather than doing for each app. “I want to use my
December 10, 2018   I always loved this quote from Terry Pratchett and just came across this gem again today. If you have enough book space, I don’t want to talk to
December 10, 2018   I had missed that David has added a new function to Blot “to step around the issues micro.blog was having with images in Blot’s RSS feeds”. This
December 10, 2018   🗓️ The Weekly Digest [09/12] 🔗 CSS suggestions by Josh 🔗 Bob Dylan River by Ron 🔗 Quick story about his mom by Ross 🔗 On Creativity by Annie 🔗
December 10, 2018   12 days of microblogging: linkblogging Micro.blog adds a Markdown link back to the original post with the web page title. Or if there’s text
December 8, 2018   While recording the second episode of the microcast, I realised it is difficult to get a consistent tone in my voice across attempts. Every attempt
December 8, 2018   Social community that you decide to be part of, matters. And this fact remains true even online. Every time I scroll through the Micro.blog
December 7, 2018   The second episode of Third-Person Voice is out. He anticipates this to be the best day of his life. He wants to relive this same day repeatedly.
December 7, 2018   Goodbye, EdgeHTML From a social, civic and individual empowerment perspective ceding control of fundamental online infrastructure to a single
December 7, 2018   I enjoy the cricket matches in Australia. They start broadcasting very early in India, and end conveniently for me to begin my workday. Especially
December 6, 2018   No company launches as many chat services as Google shutdowns every few years. Hangouts first, Allo now. They just can’t their strategy for
December 5, 2018   Aha, the microcast Third-Person Voice is approved by Apple and is available on iTunes now. Do subscribe, of course, only if you want to join me as I
December 5, 2018   I am always split on supporting both a dark and light mode of one’s website, especially for the text-heavy one. I think one should decide what the
December 3, 2018   I subconsciously ignore anything listicle these days, so much so that I do not even read the complete title. Same applies to ads. I guess this says
December 1, 2018   The Weekly Digest [01/12] 🔗 Directory of Hyperlink Nodes by Brad 🔗 Pixelbook experiences by Frank 💬 Sharing Family Photos 🔗 Passive iOS Games by
December 1, 2018   I recently (and nervously) published the first episode of a microcast featuring the short stories by me. I’ve no idea if the experiment would play
December 1, 2018   I attempted recording and publishing a microcast for the first time with Wavelength for micro.blog - boy, @manton has made audio posts so simple.
November 30, 2018   We would soon be able to ask Alexa to play music from Apple Music too. That’s a welcome development, especially for playlists and radio. And so not
November 30, 2018   The 96-year-old painter who saved a village → When a former soldier learned that his village was going to be demolished 10 years ago, he picked up
November 30, 2018   How to Become an Astronaut → Although the most attractive thing about being an astronaut is that they get to go to space, the truth is that they
November 30, 2018   Google keeps struggling with their re-entry in China market - another day, another leak from internal sources against Dragonfly. I do not remember
November 29, 2018   It’s good to see Walt Mossberg try DuckDuckGo and come out impressed. Of all the services from Google, search is the most frictionless for anyone to
November 29, 2018   Tech community looks pretty divided on the benefits of Project Fi, now Google Fi. Few say it’s the best thing to happen to the US telecommunications
November 28, 2018   How Restaurants Got So Loud → Like the open office, the loud restaurant seems to have overstayed its welcome. That’s because loud restaurants are
November 28, 2018   I’m not comfortable with Gmail guessing the next word I may write as I compose a mail - more so as it’s correct more often than not. I hate that am
November 28, 2018   A Former Facebook Employee Said The Company Has A “Black People Problem” → “In some buildings, there are more ‘Black Lives Matter’ posters than
November 28, 2018   Am almost 2/3rd into A Short History of Nearly Everything and I do not think I enjoy every part of it. There are chapters which I just do not have
November 27, 2018   Inspiration and motivation cannot be concocted in any science laboratory. A fact that’s both fortunate and unfortunate.
November 23, 2018   You need neither PWA nor AMP to make your website load fast → Google hardly invented CDNs and async script loading. But nobody cared because old
November 23, 2018   I had no idea the live-action remake of The Lion King was also in works — and the teaser is already out. I am not sure why
November 21, 2018   A great animated video from Apple for Holidays about a creative girl who keeps her creativity boxed in, never letting it get out. And the message to
November 21, 2018   One particular person and his undying coverage on the news media has ruined so many things for me. Every time I use “believe me” now, I feel am
November 21, 2018   It was fascinating to watch this video where Jonathan Morrison attempts to edit an entire video on an iPad Pro. His impressions (and of many others)
November 20, 2018   If true, this is scary. Apparently, “the content of every webpage visited using Google Chrome is sent back to Google”. Even emails. From external
November 20, 2018   All I‘ve been focused on for last few days has been a small homely function - the preparations, the celebrations are simply endless. However a
November 6, 2018   ‪MacBook Air (2018) has made the purchase decision for existing Air owners who are waiting for an upgrade a lot more difficult. There is hardly any
November 6, 2018   Celebrating the festival of lights by illuminating every dark corner of our surroundings and, primarily, of our minds.
November 5, 2018   Techies keep dreaming of a day when iOS and Android can be used for serious console-style gaming. I, on the hand, am always in search for the casual
November 5, 2018   There are some nights that you just can’t go to sleep - you try everything, nothing works. Today’s that kind of night. And it surprising given that
November 4, 2018   An OCR Cliche Romance writers, be forewarned, the child who leaps into her arms or the heroine who leaps into his has almost a five percent chance
November 3, 2018   What Is The Morning Writing Effect? → Yet another version might be that sleep itself is the key: sleep, aside from any resetting, is also
November 3, 2018   I’m from a generation that is spoilt by the usability of a mouse. Is it better? Simpler? I won’t comment on that. May be the intuitive interactions
November 2, 2018   I’m always on the look out for some popular, light TV series - comedy, mystery, drama - that I can wind my day down with. I do like intense or
November 2, 2018   I have been using iPad for so long now, and still had no idea that the mode of the keyboard can be changed to “Undock” - basically make it float at
November 2, 2018   I had completely forgotten that Flickr was acquired by SmugMug and had been their property - makes so much sense. Of course, I don’t think Yahoo can
November 2, 2018   The more I think about the account from Andrey Sitnik on how a month without computers helped him, affected him, the more I feel I need to attempt
November 1, 2018   Flickr free accounts are changing → There was a time when I was in love with this service. It was before Yahoo ruined it. I think it is a positive
November 1, 2018   How a Month without Computers Changed Me   This is such a fascinating read — so detailed on how Andrey Sitnik planned for and went through this arduous experiment. Then I asked myself if
November 1, 2018   I finished reading Becoming Steve Jobs today. It told few wonderful stories of Steve - chose to focus on sides which the Issacson book didn’t. It
November 1, 2018   Growing up in India, I got introduced to Halloween as a festival pretty late - wasn’t until I was in my late teens. Sounds so erroneous now as my 5
October 31, 2018   Every now and then, I come across stories that makes me realize how little I know about things around me — apparently the iPhone
October 31, 2018   I let the product announcements from Apple distill into a list of stuff I want, not I wish I had. Apple delivered what I wanted - a new MacBook Air.
October 30, 2018   I think may be Apple now need to announce a USB-C to lightning dongle too - for using iPad with iPhone headphones? Or did they already announce
October 30, 2018   I do not like these new fonts that Apple is using on slides to announce specs. They aren’t legible at least on the stream. Not sure what @gruber
October 30, 2018   Mac mini lives. Or is it that it is reborn? Whatever the case, it makes Apple put a lot of push behind it. And thankfully they didn’t go for
October 30, 2018   Twitter should kill Retweets first   Retweets prey on users’ worst instincts. They delude Twitter users into thinking that they’re contributing to thoughtful discourse by endlessly
October 30, 2018   I wish I understood the compression and streaming of audio better to understand why some form of audio (for example, episodes of a podcast) sound
October 30, 2018   I have observed significant reduction in the time for the posts to appear on the Micro.blog timeline. Hope this isn’t an anomaly and @manton has put
October 30, 2018   Less than 24-hours away from the Apple event and we still haven’t seen any credible hardware leaks of actual devices. All we have is hearsay
October 30, 2018   Why haven’t audiobooks gone more mainstream yet? After so many years of existence, Audible remains the only credible global player. Plus the
October 29, 2018   This thread on Quora captures some of the best stories from real people meeting Steve Jobs — some wonderful memories. You don’t
October 29, 2018   You know what the biggest surprise of any Apple event going ahead will be? An updated iPhone SE. The chances of that happening at this event? Close
October 27, 2018   The games that light plays in darkness always mesmerises me. At times, I am glad that my camera doesn’t have my sight at night.
October 27, 2018   How China Rips Off the iPhones and Reinvents Android   But what is true today is that not all Chinese phone software is bad. And when it is bad from a Western perspective, it’s often bad for very
October 26, 2018   I wonder what are the simpler ways to pull the data out from Mastodon? I do not think it supports Webmentions yet. Are there any feeds? I mainly
October 26, 2018   Boy, Google’s Night Sight mode looks totally bonkers — if the image comparison by Vlad Savov is anything to go by, his comment
October 26, 2018   With a very different demographic than West, India has an efficient way of solutioning a tech that focuses on local problems first. Mobile-first.
October 26, 2018   Things I wish Apple will launch   This is not a post where I be a tech pundit, read tea leaves scattered all over the internet and predict what Apple is going to launch on the
October 24, 2018   At times, you can’t understand why something triggers a positive vibe in your mind. And you don’t need to, always.
October 24, 2018   Double-Check Your Facts   These look like such simple questions, but am sure one can’t get all right. Even when you employ the internet. Is that’s the case, how can complex
October 24, 2018   An investigation reveals many apps were used to dupe brands; revelation, they say, shows “just how deeply fraud is embedded in the digital
October 24, 2018   iPhone XR Screens aren’t terrible   It’s time for Apple product launches. And so is the time for all the talks of -gates and sheeples and reality distortion. There’s so much noise this
October 23, 2018   I don’t get the enmity for Bluetooth headphones. For normal usage, these are very convinient. Are they without any issues? Of course, not. But they
October 23, 2018   There was a time when I used to visit the Wikipedia main page as a routine, every morning. It’s one trove of fascinating information. As I grew, not
October 23, 2018   There are new calls for retraction of Bloomberg’s compromised spy chip story — a story that apparently a lot of background
October 22, 2018   Time for another break. Time for another chai! ☕️
October 22, 2018   Learnt that “olden” is an accepted English word. It is so obvious, but I never thought it to be a “real” word. I always believed it to be just a
October 21, 2018   Micro.Threads Update: Added an option to fetch more posts in the Thread Discovery section. I’ve played with this option on my local - though not
October 21, 2018   YouTube’s recommendation engine is one of the worst out there. It fails to understand long running interests and prefers decisions based on the
October 21, 2018   So OnePlus preferred to postpone their event by a day to “maximize the amount of people we could reach with our message”. Reason? Well, Apple
October 20, 2018   Magic happens when you let the colours play their natural game!
October 20, 2018   Me: “Let’s go, brush. It keeps your teeth healthy” Daughter: ”We don’t eat brush. Neither do teeth. Vegetable, fruits keep us healthy.” Me: “Well
October 19, 2018   ‪It’s fascinating to read the comments declaring Android EU licensing as a bad move for consumers — saying prices will go up. It’s irrational to
October 19, 2018   ’ Impossible’ is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. -Napoleon There’s so much to learn while you build paperclips 😬
October 19, 2018   Looking at all the personalized invites for the October event, I am sure Apple would have a “made on iPad Pro” story during announcement. I expect
October 18, 2018   “Helm is a personal server that lives where you do. It’s finally incredibly easy to own your online identity, starting with email.” I am not sure if
October 17, 2018   “Wear Space is a wearable device designed to aid concentration by limiting your senses of sight and hearing.” WTF! Just look at those product
October 17, 2018   As we move closer to the end of October, I dread there would be no October event from Apple - so no updates to iPads, and more importantly Macs.
October 17, 2018   Facebook is just being Facebook - “after saying last week no data collected through Portal would be used to target users with ads, Facebook now says
October 16, 2018   Last few weeks have been days of many firsts; it was only apt that I captured all these thoughts. It was time to update the page. I enjoy drafting
October 16, 2018   If you end your review with a question mark, I do not think you are doing your job well. Review is supposed to be objective, fact based. You like
October 16, 2018   I am missing out on too many wonderful posts on m.b written while I was asleep. RSS won’t help, neither will Micro.threads if conversation dies down
October 15, 2018   On Podcasts, News and Well-being   I have lately felt hindered by the time I am listening to the same repetitive thoughts from other people on podcasts. Experts talking about,
October 12, 2018   I don’t understand Google’s call screening feature. How does it solve the spam calls problem? Don’t I have to be equally attentive when the call
October 12, 2018   I finally watched Justice League and I am left with a strange feeling. Sure, the movie is a drag, but it’s a lot better than recent attempts from
October 12, 2018   Watching the hands-on videos of Pixel Slate has been a very strange experience. Every frame suggests how laggy the ChromeOS platform
October 12, 2018   I am loving this new addition to the Discover tab - now I can browse all the emojitags right here. How did I miss this update? Kudos @manton for
October 12, 2018   Thoughts on Google’s Call Screening feature   I don’t understand Google’s call screening feature. How does it solve the spam calls problem? Don’t I have to be equally attentive when the call
October 11, 2018   So Samsung has launched a quad camera smartphone in Galaxy A9? This madness needs to stop - these devices may be becoming smarter by day, we humans
October 10, 2018   I have realised that I am being a lot more “social” on web these days. And I think m.b and efforts I put to enable the IndieWeb principles on my
October 10, 2018   Displaying images from Blot on Micro.blog   Update: David has added a new function “to step around the issues micro.blog was having with images in Blot’s RSS feeds”. This change should allow
October 9, 2018   Had a brilliant ambience at the bistro we visited today. Perfect for a chatty evening with family.
October 9, 2018   Being Social on Web   It’s been some time now that I have started again to regularly write, post my thoughts. Long and short. One of the key reason for this change in my
October 9, 2018   Watching the #MadeByGoogle event live today would be like going to that one movie which you’ve discussed and debated and heard narration for from
October 8, 2018   Just came across Mixnode which as per the folks behind “turns the web into a giant database”. So basically you can fire SQL-like queries to fetch
October 8, 2018   Another of those articles that triggers a heated debate on how and when to adopt a microservices-driven architecture. It’s one of those topics that
October 7, 2018   I hate shopping - especially shopping for clothes. Especially clothing for myself. I would argue so much mental energy in “wasted” on making
October 7, 2018   Is something wrong with the link between webmentions.io and micro.blog? I used to get replies on m.b as webmentions - but have stopped getting them
October 7, 2018   This story from John C Dvorak is indeed a cautionary tale - for both writers with publishers and the readers of the large publications. Especially
October 5, 2018   Best thing I like about Castro is how it handles chapters. It lists down all the chapters (with easy access to sponsors links), how much time each
October 5, 2018   On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King Such a wonderful read. I wonder how the hell have I not yet read this a hundred times. King
October 4, 2018   There is a huge deviation in battery performance on Android devices with and without data connection on. In a way tells you how lenient the platform
October 3, 2018   Every time I hear someone say “no normal person gives a damn about privacy”, I cringe out of helplessness. No one cares about their data is such an
October 3, 2018   The best thing about Siri Shortcuts is that it can be triggered via text - swipe-down and search. I am always anxious using voice assitants in pubic
October 2, 2018   Sometimes you behave with others, especially your close ones, in a way that you know just isn’t right. And it is times like these that I find are
October 2, 2018   I was a guest today in the pretend home of my daughter. She invited me to her pretend kitchen to make a pretend roll from a piece of napkin which I
October 2, 2018   I was a guest on this week’s episode of @monday - it was a fun experience. Frankly, I was a bit nervous and a lot worried. But then @macgenie is a
October 1, 2018   I‘ve decided to get inspired by my dad and strictly follow a daily routine - doesn’t matter then if I get called a bore. I believe it would be worth
October 1, 2018   Google would like us to believe that Chrome is just one of their many services, not a tool  —  it suits their business model. But I think they
September 30, 2018   I had no idea DuckDuckGo had such a vast list of categories for Instant Answers. It has become the default search engine for me, and it seems am not
September 30, 2018   Procrastination and Routine   I am a serial procrastinator, I am not proud of it. Any hint of a distraction and I go crazy running behind that. I also lack the skill to follow a
September 30, 2018   Sorry, Chrome is Not a Google Service   I read this interesting perspective from Bálint where he argues that “Chrome is a Google Service that happens to include a Browser Engine”. I
September 29, 2018   Though a bit old, this post from Bron Gondwana is such a fascinating view on emails. I’d never looked at them as a memory, your personal copy of
September 29, 2018   I am surprised to read the pushback against Marzipan and the extremely new Apple apps ported from iOS — especially they being
September 27, 2018   Nice, this post from @vasta got a mention from @leo on this week’s episode of MacBreak Weekly — especially “the automation offered in Shortcuts,
September 26, 2018   “Manyverse is a social network mobile app (…) not running in the cloud owned by a company (…) all your social data live entirely in your phone”.
September 26, 2018   This sucks, Google’s screwing with it’s most indispensable services i.e maps — “if you want to save a home or work address in
September 26, 2018   I wonder if anyone successfully follows the Pomodoro Technique - I have attempted the approach so many times and I keep failing at it. I guess it
September 26, 2018   Played a game with a shared AR experience and, oh boy, did we enjoy it! It was a great family timeout — of course ignoring how
September 26, 2018   Frustration dwells in the void between planning and implementing - unfortunately, “just do it” is underrated.
September 25, 2018   There are times when I wish I can mute a thread on m.b - make all the discussions around a topic to not appear on my timeline. Arguments tend to get
September 24, 2018   “Facebook is shit”   A brutal takedown of Facebook from John Oliver, and he still didn’t touch so many of the nasty problems from across the world that Facebook has
September 24, 2018   Smartphones have enabled capturing the fascinating games the light plays.
September 24, 2018   I’m done with Chrome — doesn’t matter if the default signed-in mode is actually that bad or just an indication of a valid
September 24, 2018   I hate spiders. Smaller they are, creepier they get. I think that man with a suit has just made them scarier.
September 24, 2018   I’ve now switched to Castro — this is a wonderful app with some thoughtful design choices. PocketCast is too “formal”, bland but perfectly
September 22, 2018   As I enter the 35th year of existence, I am made to realise that my health is my most priceless possession, one I need to focus on closely. And this
September 21, 2018   Woke up to find that Amazon just brought a bag full of “things”, untied it on stage and started throwing it against the wall. No one has any idea if
September 20, 2018   I find it fascinating that Hello Internet is placed under Education category in Overcast. In the company of Ted Talks, Simplify etc. It would be
September 20, 2018   This is a month of change - I was forced to change the desk I work from. And I thought this is a good opportunity to take it a step further. Change
September 17, 2018   Tranquility of a lake amidst the idling mountains never fails to mesmerise.
September 13, 2018   To be frank, I am left a bit disappointed with today’s event. May be it is about wrong expectations, but nothing that is launched excites me. Not
September 13, 2018   So, iPhone SE is dead then for Apple? Why do these companies keep hating us people who want smaller phones? And they do not ship their “low cost”
September 11, 2018   The fact that Chrome is the only one among the top browsers that does not have a native reader mode tells you about Google’s priorities (others
September 10, 2018   I’m seriously intrigued by Pinboard, the feature set looks promising. And it’s another of those well-supported services run by a single person. I am
September 6, 2018   Aha. Twitter tells me I am part of the “selected group of users” for a survey regarding their services. So, how are we supposed to “celebrate” such
September 5, 2018   I do not think I like this - the deviation’s may be too high for my liking. Time to rethink things.
September 3, 2018   It’s Micro Monday time. I’d recommend you to follow @vishae for her distinct point of view, her book recommendations and succinct commentary on
September 3, 2018   Simplicity of Love   There is a fascinating conversation on episode 97 of the Criminal podcast with the now 99 year old Benjamin Ferencz. He primarily talks about his
September 3, 2018   So, there is another leak of Pixel 3 XL now that clearly shows the device? I think at this point Google shouldn’t even wait for an event to release
September 3, 2018   I have two posts in draft, incomplete, for last 5 days - they just need some final thoughts, some commentary. Ah, I hate to look at my drafts posts
September 3, 2018   Is it just me who tries to fit replies on micro.blog within the 280 characters, especially from iOS apps? If it goes beyond, it feels like cheating
September 2, 2018   I believe there are some books which just happen to kill your reading spree — and then you just can’t get back to the same book. I am giving up on
August 31, 2018   “My precious..”
August 31, 2018   So the next Windows major update is going to be called “Windows 10 October 2018 Update”? May be declaring Windows 10 to be last version of Windows
August 31, 2018   I logged out of mastodon today on my browser - a re-login was a deterrent enough to save all the compulsive visits throughout the day. I wish I had
August 31, 2018   Don’t want to brag, but I really find the discover section on Micro.threads helpful. There was otherwise no way I could catch up on posts missed and
August 31, 2018   I believe “all data is anonymised” has to be the biggest lie all these data hoarding and advertising companies tell its customers. With the amount
August 31, 2018   Due 3.0 looks nice. Rich custom snooze in notifications is a good addition in itself. Options earlier were too limited. Black theme, well not much
August 30, 2018   So now we have this “Olivery - world’s first smart olive oil bottle”, wtf? Can we be smart ourselves first and stop making everything out there
August 30, 2018   Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media   This is such a fascinating read — I don’t think it is a stretch to think there would be teens who would be overwhelmed by the
August 30, 2018   Twitter is testing a feature where it suggests who to unfollow   I read this. And then I read this again. I checked the source to make sure it isn’t from The Onion. It wasn’t. We know that people want a relevant
August 30, 2018   There was a reason I stopped reading news throughout the day, I just didn’t want a constant stream of negativity clouding my mind. I would just
August 30, 2018   We need a directory of people who are active microbloggers. It needs to group them by interests, geographies and few other aspects. I had started
August 30, 2018   A culture canvased on the wall.
August 29, 2018   One thing that Google’s scattered focus - multiple start-ups inside, than a cohesive company with multiple products - and culture allows is to steal
August 29, 2018   Today I decided to remove the Micro.blog app from the dock to a folder on the home screen. Screen Time showed I was hitting the limit for the social
August 29, 2018   Directory of Microbloggers   We need a directory of microbloggers. This fact is clear from the sheer number of discussions that happen on the Micro.blog platform asking for
August 29, 2018   More Tagmojis are supported now, so few proposed ones striked from @burk’s list. Hurrah! That also means more recommendations from the community to
August 28, 2018   I won’t disagree with this poster at a Barbeque place nearby.
August 27, 2018   Reminiscences of the days gone by, when sales were not what these drove.
August 26, 2018   Rakshabandhan - the celebration of one of the funnest and purest relationships, of a brother and a sister.
August 26, 2018   So Amazon Echo devices are losing market share to Google Home now? All these devices look to be placeholders for now. Things they do are trivial,
August 25, 2018   Why do Linode services and offerings look so .. dated? As if people behind just didn’t look around, look what the competition was offering,
August 25, 2018   Puzzle time with daughter - assembling beauty, a piece at a time.
August 25, 2018   Every time there’s a story around ads, I grumble knowing that so much talent is wasted on such trivial a thing as advertising — our AI overloads
August 25, 2018   It’s time to catch up on all the lost sleep last week working late on the hobby projects — so much was done, but so much more of the health was
August 24, 2018   The biggest struggle for me while using Mastodon is the fact that it does not recognise Markdown. Like Twitter, statuses are plain text with no
August 24, 2018   Me. Words. And Chai ☕️
August 24, 2018   Apparently, 23andMe had an API that “developers of health apps, weight loss services and quantified self tests” could use to build “services” over
August 24, 2018   Aha, I had no idea Jason Mraz has a new album out - Know. Time to put him crooning in the background, stringing his guitar, get some positive vibes.
August 24, 2018   It’s been some time now that I have listened to a track that’s so fun and so meaningful at the same time as O’ Meri Laila. The whole album is an
August 23, 2018   ♺ Reposted a toot from D Dino i proofread my writing by piping it through espeak
August 23, 2018   There‘re many feature requests for the new platforms that we users are making. To do some inspired by Twitter/FB. To not to do some inspired by
August 23, 2018   Your Users Aren't Always Right   There is a lot of chatter recently around the features on Twitter/Facebook that should be incorporated in the new1 social media platforms. Or even
August 22, 2018   I come to this place often. And ruminate. There’s something about the structure that calms me.
August 22, 2018   Time for churning some thoughts. Time for slurping some chai. ☕️
August 21, 2018   Blotpub bundles a Media Endpoint now   There was one (last?) missing piece in the quest of mine to simplify posting to my blog - and that was photos. Most of my posts originate on
August 21, 2018   Another blogging platform I was fond of, and had self-hosted in between, Ghost is upgrading to 2.0. This is a fascinating
August 21, 2018   A walk amidst the nature, under an umbrella. With raindrops composing the best of the music to go with. Nothing more calming.
August 20, 2018   Cathy O’Neil at Bloomberg mentioned she felt sympathy for “the big boys of tech”, like Zuckerberg. I, on the other hand, have no sympathy for these
August 20, 2018   Creating a new view on Blot   I recently wanted to create a new view (a page) for all my social posts. Apparently, even if you create the page there are still few additional
August 20, 2018   I had no idea there is a new Cormoron Strike novel coming. I like the name too, “Lethal White”. Mysterious. I better complete all the
August 20, 2018   Mark Zuckerberg and other big boys don’t have my sympathy   Cathy O’Neil, along with criticizing these “big boys of tech”, feels some sympathy for them. I might be the only person on Earth feeling sorry for
August 19, 2018   Blotpub now supports syndication to Mastodon   With all the recent discussions around Mastodon and how it is different, possibly better, I thought there is no way to judge that without using the
August 19, 2018   I think I may need a how-to on ActivityPub. The goal and the approach sound so promising. But how do you “implement” this, if that’s even a right
August 18, 2018   I decided today that I do not want to display the , and types of posts on my blog’s homepage. It looked too crowded on there for my liking. I
August 17, 2018   Sleep has to be one of the costliest currencies out there. You borrow some from your daily kitty and you have to pay back with some high interest
August 16, 2018   A trail in nature, to serenity. A quest to seek calmness. When your reinvigorated mind carries your weary body through.
August 16, 2018   So is it time now to dust-off our old Tumblr blogs now? I know we are (finally) fed up of Twitter and Facebook policy swings. But that doesn’t mean
August 16, 2018   This week’s episode of @Monday was absolutely brilliant. It was great listening to the thoughts from a long time blogger in @dori on current state
August 15, 2018   Blotpub update: Endpoint now supports uploading photos, however just as multipart data. So you would not be able to upload the images from
August 15, 2018   I seriously wonder how different is Mastodon from Twitter - of course, other than the fact that it is distributed. It solves none of Twitter‘s core
August 15, 2018   There are colors that nature paints just to brighten your day!
August 15, 2018   ★ Liked “Selling Your Power Back to Twitter” Why would anyone sell their power back to Twitter, knowing Twitter uses some of it to run the
August 15, 2018   ★ Liked “MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery” The twist wave travels faster than the bending wave, dissipating energy so that
August 14, 2018   ★ Liked “The Quietest Place in America Is Becoming a Warzone” If we don’t defend silence, we sever one of the last ties to life on Earth before
August 14, 2018   Meditation   I have been a lot restless these last few days. My mind wanders a lot, it’s cluttered, full of thoughts. Full of things I need to do. Things that I
August 14, 2018   ★ Liked “Dear Journalists: The war on what you do is escalating.” You — and probably free speech — can’t constantly play defense. You can’t win if
August 14, 2018   So nice and brave of @manton to congratulate third-party dev for an app that sits right against his own. It also shows how much trust and confidence
August 14, 2018   It’s been so long that I wrote a fiction, let the teeny writer in me express himself freely. I think it is time for an early morning rise and
August 14, 2018   Twitter Has Desensitised Us   I have recently observed a lot of anger from people across the world towards social networks of all forms. Especially Twitter. I had also expressed
August 13, 2018   Reads I Liked (13-Aug)   Here’s a list of articles I liked throughout the day. 1. I do not think there is any debate on whether Artificial Intelligence will have some
August 13, 2018   I read some fanwars and associated diatribes after a long time today. I read some cringeworthy posts, and some spiteful responses. I read some
August 13, 2018   Nature and family get-togethers go along pretty nicely
August 13, 2018   I am kind of bummed that no one here had any interest in Yahoo! Pipes. I really wish there was an alternative to that wonderful service. It would be
August 11, 2018   Remember Yahoo! Pipes? I had built so many custom feeds combining different feeds using that service. With my recent pull back to RSS, I really feel
August 11, 2018   Micro.blog - A wish and a fear   I wish micro.blog becomes bigger, more diverse with more voices spread across the world, the timezones, narrate their stories. It becomes difficult
August 11, 2018   It’s amusing to see the weekly reports from Screen Time. I knew I have been spending far less time in Productivity/Reading categories (as compared
August 10, 2018   Reads I Liked (10-Aug)   Throughout the day, I read so many article which I would like to share to others. It also is an exercise so that I keep track of all the articles I
August 10, 2018   I have been reading a lot of views from people who are leaving Twitter. But it is different from the Facebook exodus. They aren’t quitting. And I
August 10, 2018   I read this post first in my feed reader. I wonder how these reads will get translated into BAT. Not sure if consumption in feed readers is a
August 10, 2018   Search Engines need to redesign their results   Dave Winer wrote few of his thoughts on how the search engines need to improve with time. He was focused a bit on how it can make blogging valuable.
August 10, 2018   Why not just quit Twitter?   I am reading a lot of views these days from people I respect deciding to leave Twitter. And this is after a similar exodus from Facebook pretty
August 9, 2018   Here’s a snapshot with all the “new” Android smartphones being sold online, placed right next to one another. Yeah, there is so much of innovation,
August 9, 2018   When you have “magic” in your name, you tend to suffer later. I was always sceptical of the promises Magic Leap was making. Demos looked too good to
August 9, 2018   Another day, another AMP horror story. AMP has to be the ideal use-case on how an incumbent on web muscles its advantage to make others embrace its
August 9, 2018  
August 9, 2018   I would like that world. However, I think we tend to ignore the social aspect that Twitter has enabled. Yes, people need to own their content. But
August 9, 2018   It is important, but extremely difficult, to hit that right balance between being productive and being healthy. I often tend to hit the zones when I
August 8, 2018   Bad news: there's no solution to false information online   This is a must read article from Ben Werdmüller where he concisely conveys the problem around fake news1 and also presents how different players in
August 8, 2018   I wonder how is this still allowed on the App Store.
August 8, 2018   ★ Liked “How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes” As an industry, we need to invest in the well being of core OSS software that we all
August 8, 2018   Every day dawns with a new lesson. There is just so much fun stuff to learn in the IndieWeb world. And play around with. I have booked myself at
August 8, 2018   ★ Liked “First Amendment Experts Warn Facebook Banning InfoWars Could Set Completely Reasonable Precedent For Free Speech | The Onion” “What we see
August 7, 2018   After an extremely productive last couple of weeks, it was time to reflect on the days gone by and update the page. It is good every now and then
August 7, 2018   Micro.blog is the only service that I use which uses email-only authentication. And it is a win-some-lose-some experience. There are times,
August 7, 2018   ★ Liked “AWS icon quiz” You use AWS, but how well do you actually know AWS? How many AWS icons can you correctly identify?
August 7, 2018   Freeing the Web from the Browser   The Web is, without a doubt, the most powerful research tool currently available to man. No longer must researchers comb through endless indices
August 7, 2018   I also believe Bloomberg’s this statement, though accurate, is misguided. “(…) unless you really love Apple, there aren’t many reasons to buy this
August 7, 2018   India is turning out to be a difficult market to crack for Apple. No surprises — it is a price sensitive market where spec wars are still prevalent
August 7, 2018   ★ Liked “Reporter vs Journalist” I’d love to reserve the term blogger for people who write about their own experiences, not for pay, the “unedited
August 6, 2018   Blotpub Now Supports Likes and Replies   Since I introduced blotpub a couple of days back, I have been continuously posting to the site from different Micropub clients. And I am happy that
August 6, 2018   ★ Liked “How Does Mastodon Work?” I’m going to try and cover all of the basics of Mastodon in this post, as well as the details of how it all
August 6, 2018   Some mornings just aren’t easy. And it is even more frustrating if they are Monday mornings. You get up with a plan in your mind - when kismet has
August 5, 2018   To anyone using Business G Suite just make sure that you’ve “downgrade” instead of cancelling your subscription. (…) To Google, I lost trust in
August 5, 2018   ★ Liked “That time in 1994 when Steve Jobs got to use a device like an iPhone” And yet, this little company with the world’s coolest name and logo,
August 5, 2018   Breakfast with family, a cup of tea over loads of laughter. Some amusing stories and a jolly good time. I love this Sunday morning ritual of ours. 😊
August 4, 2018   Micro.Threads Update. Added support to discover threads. Anecdotally speaking, the timeline was overwhelming at times. I needed a way to read posts,
August 4, 2018   ★ Liked “A Moral Imperative” What I don’t hear often in the discussion is the moral imperative to help others: the understanding that taking care
August 3, 2018   Wonderful to post to Blot via Quill again. Even though the posting process with blot is already simple, there are times when you just can’t (or
August 3, 2018   Blotpub - Micropub Endpoint for Blot   Continuing my experiments with Blot, and as a next step in Indiewebifying it, I had recently sorted out the webmentions setup and display. There was
August 3, 2018   If all goes well, this post (and few other things) should see the light of day.
August 2, 2018   ★ Liked “Engineers Fix Original Defects in the Statue (of Liberty)”. From the 1985 archives. ‘’We just couldn’t buy her a new dress and dab on some
August 2, 2018   ★ Liked “A Spectre is Haunting Unicode” To sum up - in 1978 a series of small mistakes created some characters out of nothing. The errors went
August 2, 2018   Theme Refresh for My Blot Blog   I have observed that I have been more inclined recently to post on Blot blog. I do have my main website which I have been using for all things long
August 2, 2018   Techmeme introduced a new form of ads today. This is how the homepage looked. And this how they introduced the prominent change visible out there.
August 1, 2018   In line with the last update on Blot experiment, setting up webmentions. I think I will go with something simple to begin with.
August 1, 2018   Back home after days of travel. It’s always great to be back at home, the “usual stuff” - usualities are welcome.
August 1, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “The Bullshit Web” An honest web is one in which the overwhelming majority of the code and assets downloaded to a user’s computer are used
August 1, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “Doing Nothing” Push your mind out of a rut. This is important. I need to do this more often.
August 1, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “Dave Winer on the decrentralized web” I think the “decentralized web” can’t be anything other than the web itself.
July 31, 2018  
July 30, 2018   Folks with blogs on Blot, how do you typically post? Any micropubs? Or is it always save to dropbox from text editors of choice?
July 30, 2018   When colours play games. And when you play games with colours.
July 30, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “The Outline “slams” media for overusing the word” It’s all about courting our love of sensation; nobody is really getting hurt.
July 30, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “The conventional wisdom about not feeding trolls makes online abuse worse” The story of the internet has always been the same story:
July 30, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “‘The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong ” “Making real progress in AI requires a public discourse that is
July 29, 2018   I hate reading articles on websites with monospaced fonts. It’s ok for code snippets, but please let’s not use them for long form posts. Not sure if
July 29, 2018   Posting Liked Articles from Web   I recently received a great feedback and a query from @cygnoir at Micro.blog. The links you share are so interesting! I especially love that you
July 28, 2018   Time to be on a train, a rail road trip with family is always fun!
July 28, 2018   1440   title: “” date : 2018-07-28 14:40:00+05:30 — Time to be on a train, a rail road trip with family is always fun!
July 26, 2018   That One Shirt in Your Wardrobe   Every wardrobe has that one shirt that uncovers itself after many days, from beneath the pile of new, blot-less clothes and mirrors back the reality
July 26, 2018   ★ Liked “Juul & its House of Smoke & Horrors” by Om Malik “And is it an ethical business?,” asks Crunchbase. “We can’t answer the latter
July 26, 2018   ★ Liked “How to close all Safari tabs at once on iPhone and iPad” All you have to do is long-press the tab button when looking at any Safari page
July 25, 2018   I listened to a couple of microcasts today and I get the lure now. It is easier to share quick thoughts via audio than a written words. And I
July 25, 2018   ★ Liked “No, you probably don’t have a book in you” Every story is not a book.
July 25, 2018   ★ Liked “Departing Facebook Security Officer’s Memo: ‘We Need To Be Willing To Pick Sides’” “We need to build a user experience that conveys
July 25, 2018   Podcasts Is a Costly Medium Even for Listeners   I hate podcasts, because the medium is demanding. It demands so much time from me, demands focused attention to follow along. I wish I didn’t find
July 24, 2018   I find it fascinating that Bill Gates does not have a feed with full contents of his notes. I wish he was more open now, at least with his notes.
July 24, 2018   I realised today that Feedbin also supports following Twitter feeds and Podcasts. How usable is this? It really makes me curious, may be it can
July 24, 2018   This week’s episode of Twit was really fun. Lively debates on varied topic, with logical point of views from smart people. It’s rare that a tech
July 24, 2018   ★ Liked “How to improve Twitter in 2018” by Dave Winer Make a commitment to developers and make it irreversible. What exactly this means is subject
July 24, 2018   ★ Liked “Fascism These Days” by Brent Simmons What if agents in the Secret Service or FBI begin quietly talking to bloggers or tweeters who express
July 24, 2018   I find the timeline here on Micro.blog gets overwhelming at times - it’s usually full of conversations that I just can’t make complete sense of
July 23, 2018   It was a slack non-productive post office time today. Binged watched one of those not-so-intelligent but extremely passable shows on Prime - just
July 23, 2018   Finally I watched Durkirk. I do not know how I feel about it. Yet.
July 22, 2018   The weekend rounded off perfectly with a quality family time - a delicious home-cooked dinner followed by a well-fought game of Pictureka. There was
July 22, 2018   ★ Liked “ Why Is Google Translate Spitting Out Sinister Religious Prophecies? ” Sometimes, though, it does feel as though the algorithm is
July 22, 2018   ★ Liked “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me” My debt was the result, in equal measure, of a chain of rotten luck and a system that is an
July 22, 2018   🎶 Listening to Lag Ja Gale Se Phir. Extreme soothingness in the background, looking at the games clouds playing outside.
July 22, 2018   It still surprises me to find that there is no way on iOS to look at the call history by contacts - find when all was a contact or a number was
July 22, 2018   ★ Liked “Ten Years Later, “The Dark Knight” and Its Vision of Guilt Still Resonate” Ten years after its release, there is somehow too much and not
July 21, 2018   Interesting way to catch tip modifications by waiters. However, I am always surprised that in this age of digital everything, where even currency
July 21, 2018   This always used to drive me nuts when different people used different varients of flag ( Or ) for achieving same result. is there some good reason
July 21, 2018   It’s fascinating to think to think that anybody can replicate Facebook, “kill” them; but somebody with mass following can hit them where it hurts
July 20, 2018   Micro.threads Update. Refreshed user discover section to show more information for the recommended users. Can follow directly from the app, with
July 19, 2018   ★ Liked “Being the change isn’t enough” by Daniel Goldsmith
July 19, 2018   It was great listening to @EddieHinkle and @macgenie talk about all things IndieWeb on this episode of Micro @monday. It was nice knowing about the
July 19, 2018   Though I agree with Sundar here, I think the sentiment is missing the core issue EU raises - “rapid innovation, wide choice and falling prices” is
July 19, 2018   ★ Liked “Software Development” by xkcd
July 18, 2018   Changing Date Format in Blot   So, in one of the recent posts on indiewebifying the blot.im site, I was faced with a roadblock. I could not find any way to format the published
July 18, 2018   I have been following a daily evening routine these days to refresh my user recommendations. And I have started following so many new people whose
July 18, 2018   ★ Liked “Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?” Reames said he suspects someone has been buying the book using stolen credit and/or
July 18, 2018  
July 17, 2018   Email indeed is the perfect, and oldest, decentralised social network for communication. You do not need a particular platform to be part of it. But
July 17, 2018   Update - IndieWebifying the Blot site   Given the recent focus on the working on Micro.threads, I hardly had any spare time for working on exploring Blot. Micropub remains a distant dream.
July 17, 2018  
July 17, 2018   Update on Micro.threads User Discovery section. Rolled out some performance improvements. Added some context around the user recommendations.
July 16, 2018   I was seriously considering buying a domain name in my daughter’s name today, who is still 5. I do not know if I plan to use it now, but I think if
July 16, 2018   I just carried out my customary buy on Amazon Prime Day. And of course it is for an Amazon device. That’s the only stuff with good deals.
July 16, 2018   h/t Daniel Goldsmith
July 16, 2018  
July 16, 2018   A nice post. Early this year, I too followed a similar path to take my web and social presence Indie - something that I control. The journal section
July 15, 2018   I dreamt a horror movie today. I think if produced it can be one of the best horror movies ever made. It sent shivers down my spine. 😧
July 14, 2018   Interesting, thank you Ryan for sharing that. I for sure want to explore it more, just for the reason that it attempts to bring Microsub and regular
July 13, 2018   I’m planning an experiment. The only way I will consume news for next few days would be via my morning newspaper. I think I will be a bit less
July 13, 2018   Thank you Aaron. I am confident the consistency of Aperture will consistently grow with more edge cases covered. On client, I did try all the apps,
July 13, 2018   ★ Liked “Shameless vs. shameful” by Seth Godin Shaming a person is a senseless shortcut. When we say to someone, “you’re never going to amount to
July 13, 2018   What’s the feed reader service of choice amongst the community here? I remember many floating around, but always failed to note the recommendations.
July 12, 2018   After a really productive few days, I thought it was a good time to update what’s happening Now. And as I was journaling what I was involved in, I
July 12, 2018   ★ Liked “Inside X, the Moonshot Factory Racing to Build the Next Google” (..to qualify) It must involve solving a huge problem. It must present a
July 12, 2018   “Magic Leap Finally Demoed Its Headset And It Is… Disappointing” — the valley between promises and reality keeps biting the tech
July 12, 2018   Though I agree with Daniel’s sentiment, it’s part of the overall cycle of creation — inspiration, ideation, implementation,
July 12, 2018   So, AirPods remain the wireless earphones of choice for many, primarily due to the ease of use, design and comfort. Bluetooth is a hated technology
July 12, 2018   https://twitter.com/statuses/1017248490160836608
July 11, 2018   One of the worst feeling is the helplessness you feel as you look into the painful eyes of your child down with fever, as they look back at you with
July 11, 2018   At times, I just wish I wasn’t following the technology space closely. My buying decisions would’ve been simpler, driven completely by what’s on
July 11, 2018   I really liked this comment from a hacker news thread1 on a post around how Microservices architecture failed a product’s dev team. Everytime (sic)
July 11, 2018   ★ Liked Throwing and Catching by Seth Godin We spend most of our time in catching mode. In dealing with the incoming. Putting out fires. Going to
July 11, 2018  
July 11, 2018   We should tread carefully while bringing AR and ads technologies together. AR is still a growing tech and opening the doors for ads can potentially
July 11, 2018   Update on Micro.threads   I had recently realised the project I had much plan for wasn’t updated since sometime back. So much that for an observer it very well looks to be
July 10, 2018   ★ Liked “re-setting my mental clock” by @ayjay I have always told myself that I have time to think about what, if anything, I want to write next,
July 10, 2018   Micropub endpoint from the ground up   The recent experiments with blot.im has given the perfect opportunity to explore if I can get a Micropub endpoint created specifically for my needs.
July 10, 2018   Whatsapp is following Facebook’s footsteps — fighting fake news problem with full page ad in news paper. Wish these ads reach the victims — I
July 10, 2018   Update on Blot Open Questions   Update: I had sent these questions to David, the developer behind Blot, on the support email address. And of course, given how gem of a person he
July 10, 2018   It’s fascinating when you find art all around you. And some looking down at you. Inspiring.
July 10, 2018   ★ Liked Privacy Policy for ascraeus.org When you send a webmention to this site, you are explicitly providing metadata in your site’s markup, and
July 9, 2018   So, I had recently got a blog created with blot.im. It will continue to exist in parallel to existing site built with Hugo. And as @jack recently
July 9, 2018   I think I may have hit the right ingredients to what I want to achieve with my blot blog. Look wise I am surprised the default theme suited me the
July 9, 2018   Hugo Issue Update   Update at 2:03PM: Final update, hopefully. Culprit is identified as the in . As I suspected, this must have been affected in v3.1 when the concept
July 9, 2018   I read this nice article on how being a parent might (or might not) affect one’s writing. It made me think hard if parenting does affect my
July 8, 2018   @colinwalker Do you have a different feed that is fed to micro.blog than your exposed rss? Your titles are shortened for longer posts in your rss,
July 8, 2018   ‪This how-to series from Apple on Twitter is brilliant marketing. Showcases the product, ‬guiding users at the same. Done well too.
July 8, 2018   Update on experiment with Blot   I think I understand the interface a bit better. I feel the majority of the effort is going to be in theming. Question at this point in front of me
July 8, 2018   Greens are wonderful  
July 8, 2018   ★ Liked “An Interview with Andy Hertzfeld - Architect of the original Macintosh” We’ve all seen the legendary Apple keynotes and how personal
July 7, 2018   Blot's simplicity is useful, but   I am pretty confused at this point. On one hand, I do not think there is any other platform that offers a “publishing” flow as simple as blot.
July 7, 2018   I and queues have some animosity. I know everyone thinks so, but it’s not the regular “my queue moves slowest” complaint that I have. It’s that the
July 7, 2018   Though micro.blog hosted blogs typically are a lot cleaner, I still prefer to read the long posts in a reader view. However, I do not think it is
July 7, 2018   ★ Liked A Vision of Paradise by Jeremy Martin
July 7, 2018   Amy Hoy writes so effortlessly about the web and websites as the internet around was changing. With one plaint to end with. There are no more
July 7, 2018   I would have liked a Shortcut invite getting into the weekend — but then now that I haven’t got it, better. I already have too much of experimenting
July 6, 2018   I’ve finally decided to give blot.im a try. I like the simplicity of posting. Couple of surprises the moment I got in though — I think blot does not
July 6, 2018   ♺ Repost from Federico Viticci You can run arbitrary JavaScript in Safari with Shortcuts and I’m going to lose my goddamn mind with this app
July 6, 2018   Whenever I read a book instead of Twitter for half an hour, I’m like: “Oh yeah! Words can make you feel good sometimes!”
July 6, 2018   ♺ Repost from Federico Viticci You can run arbitrary JavaScript in Safari with Shortcuts and I’m going to lose my goddamn mind with this app
July 6, 2018   ‪At times, Musk behaves very similar to the president of his country. Goes after everyone who is critical and follow all his supporters. ‬ ‪For that
July 6, 2018   I think I might give up and start using the official Twitter app. Don’t think at this point I can stop using Twitter - it is a valuable platform.
July 5, 2018   There are days when you figure out things are broken with your site and you just can’t find why. It’s one such day today and it’s on days like this
July 5, 2018   A great read. Defining facts is hard — and hence is writing about and surfacing it. It is not that no one is willing to be
July 5, 2018   For a person not interested in football as a sport, I still try to remain informed on FIFA updates. I thought that was enough - apparently it isn’t
July 5, 2018   ★ Liked How itty.bitty works Good showcase of possibilities. Static goes next level. itty.bitty takes html (or other data), compresses it into a
July 5, 2018   Article 13, which makes platforms directly liable for copyright infringements by their users — pushing them towards pre-filtering all content
July 4, 2018   I think I need to gain control on how a feed client, micro.blog app for example, process my title-less posts. This is especially important for posts
July 4, 2018   I am tired of the tangled cables around my earphones. They are too messy and discomforting. I think I would soon move to a wireless option. Wish the
July 3, 2018   So that foldable Surface “phone” running Andromeda OS? Yeah, that was just a concept after all. The Surface Phone and Andromeda OS have been
July 3, 2018  
July 3, 2018   After a bit of playing around, I am still not clear on the purpose and benefit of IndieBookClub. Without aggregating the data from multiple users on
July 3, 2018   It’s time to catch up on C.B. Strike - second story “The Silkworm”. I like the characters, right from the books. And I had especially liked this
July 2, 2018   As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.
July 1, 2018   Siri shortcuts are amazing — potentially game-changing. Just default suggestions show the system is learning, suggests actions
July 1, 2018   I have seen Monocle in action now and realise the power of Microsub standard. I do not think I can read feeds in any other manner now. This is
July 1, 2018   I always wanted to sort out my webmentions and the respective microformats in reply posts. Aaron’s post could not have arrived at a better time.
July 1, 2018   It turns out that culture is the most powerful force available to us. Culture comes from each of us, from the connections between. Culture isn’t
July 1, 2018   Finally got the support for like and reply webactions — have handled the respective microformats. Favourite and replies are two
June 30, 2018   I always wonder what made us so careless, so self-focused that we ignored the greens around us.
June 30, 2018   Playing with lights is always fun!
June 30, 2018   You know how at times you keep making a very very silly mistake, but you blame a much larger/complicated problem? Yeah that. I keep doing that. It’s
June 29, 2018   I was facing an issue with my micropub endpoint while publishing via an external app. The markdown block quote character “>” gets formatted as
June 29, 2018   It had been so long since I was actively engrossed in something. It was kind of a low productivy phase. I think I might be over it now. Now. That
June 28, 2018   Every time I read about Google Duplex, there is a sense of uneasiness in me. I just can never put it in words. I am not sure what makes me sceptic
June 28, 2018   In the new Google Duplex demos, the system clearly calls out it’s Google Assitant, but then goes on to hmmm-ing and umm-ing like real person. It’s
June 28, 2018   Safari is a browser, wish the updates to such an important app wasn’t tied to OS upgrades. I do not want my whole OS to be upgrade — just give me
June 27, 2018   Best update in iOS 12? Post upgrade it asked for iCloud password 0 times. That is many ones less than what the experience was earlier. Folks at
June 27, 2018   Incredibles 2 was underwhelming. Action (which was sleek, no doubt) won over balanced narration. Very similar to other animated movies (Despicable
June 27, 2018   Log message: downloading beta profile. See you on the other side.
June 26, 2018   Just performed a Windows 10 reset - because it was getting bogged down by the loaded crap. Reset description read it will remove the crap and only
June 26, 2018   I am still not sure how Apple continues to justify minor Siri improvements on yearly iOS upgrade schedule. Siri needs to be always improving,
June 26, 2018   I run Google Analytics today on my site. I really need not run any Analytics on my site. I think I will remove all the Analytics from my site. I
June 25, 2018   I had the same start to my day as Colin’s - with a glorious morning. However, where I was pleased by the clouds crowding the skies, it was fading
June 11, 2018   Been so long I have been away from writing anything. I think that sort of phase when consumption gains mind share. And then one drifts into a slack
June 11, 2018   Browsers continue to make mockery of the web standards. Just look at the behaviour of on input fields in different browsers. No consistency at all.
May 27, 2018   Come’on SRH, no less than 160 to defend. Make #IPL2018Final worth the 4 hours.
May 8, 2018   I hate the continuous scrolling paradigm adopted by many websites (Quartz, Venture Beat) today to move you to next articles. That’s a sleezy little
May 4, 2018   Planning a family vacation is not easy. So many parameters to think of.
May 4, 2018   The seduction of access to privileged (non-public) data is irresistible. Prioritizing data because it’s exclusive is the pitfall that all analysts
April 24, 2018   From the Medium help section. Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers.. Also from Medium
April 24, 2018   Google gets even more interested in podcasts now. Currently, they look primarily focused on improving the podcast discovery plus streaming
April 18, 2018   M. G. Siegler recently posted his thoughts on Arrogance Peaks in Silicon Valley. I found this belief of his fascinating. The nerds have taken over
April 18, 2018   When @bradyharan first referenced his new podcast, about all the podcasts that aren’t made, on one of the episodes of Hello Internet, I wasn’t sure
April 17, 2018   I keep hearing that there are parts of the world where using Facebook is a necessity. I wonder what are these places? And what’s the reason? I am
April 16, 2018   Amongst the mountains, facing the green valleys. A calmness eventually sweeps in.
April 13, 2018   I am surprised there exists another social network that I did not hear about earlier (it’s launched in 2016) - hello network. And given that it has
April 13, 2018   I’m surprised that cause and medications for an ailment as simple as headache is still not known. Reason? Well, there are multiple types of
April 11, 2018   The more I think and hear from the voices (a lot smarter than I) talk about the rumoured Apple’s transition to its in-house chips for Macs, I
April 9, 2018   As I look at the hundreds of links bookmarked over the years of browsing, I am stunned how can this be useful to anyone. It’s a mess - broken links,
April 9, 2018   I simply love the podcast The Truth. Every episode has a unique fiction to narrate, with an intriguing presentation. Short audio fiction is
April 8, 2018   I am almost on the verge of deleting the YouTube app from my phone. The algorithmic overloads have wasted hours of my last few days by keeping the
April 8, 2018   Every now and then, it’s better to let the mind go completely blank. Many a times it is forced by overload of the incomplete tasks. In middle of one
April 4, 2018   Another day, another update on Facebook’s grey terms around their product usage. Now it’s Messenger, the trainwreck continues. I won’t be surprised
April 4, 2018   I am completely against Tweetstorms. Not because it’s difficult to present and parse for readers. But rather because it‘ll more often than not fail
April 3, 2018   I literally shouted “This is f*^&>$! awesome!” during a chase sequence in Baby Driver. I haven’t had this much fun watching a movie in a long
April 3, 2018   @manton I find the character ‘&’ eats up 5 characters instead of just one in iOS app — think it’s the HTML code that’s being counted? (reposting
April 3, 2018   “Deep Impact” is an intriguing watch. It’d a story to tell in a genre. But it just didn’t seem to belong to that genre. As if the makers were caught
April 2, 2018   Time. Those fleeting moments of time.   Those crazy, affected attempts to catch up to them. To not let them pass. To slow them down. Those foolish
April 2, 2018   Ezra Klein interviewed Mark Zuckerberg recently and fascinating to hear him evade (though clearly well prepared) the mess he finds himself and FB
April 2, 2018   I consider every visit to a barber as one where I assign a project to a sculptor. My only instruction to him is to make sure not to chisel away
April 1, 2018   I have finished reading another fiction - review in progress. And I realise it is first time since long when I do not have another book waiting in
March 30, 2018   You tend to remember the things that went wrong, that were not easy to carry out the first time around. With experience, such failures, such
March 30, 2018   My daughter servers me a dish of Play-Doh breakfast every now and then. Got served some colourful animal cookies today.
March 29, 2018   A great article on a recent event in cricket → For all the ball-tampering madness, we can also see a team both out of touch and out of favour, and
March 28, 2018   Greens always mesmerise me - a velvety bed so serene for the flowers.
March 28, 2018   I have realised there’s a block worse than writer’s block - a reader’s block. It leaves your mind numb and leads to former. Sigh.
March 27, 2018   Most tech bloggers often dislike Apple because they tend to stay focused on a theme in an event. They just narrate their story, their perspective of
March 27, 2018   An alarming and distressing thread → Want to freak yourself out? I’m gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google
March 27, 2018   I finally watched Wonder Woman & I must say I had too high expectations for this. And this didn’t deliver. Too many plot holes, too much
March 25, 2018   Slippery slope that is win-at-all-costs   Recent drama, being termed #SandpaperGate, around Australian cricketers admited to tampering with the ball has raised so many questions. “We play
March 25, 2018   It is pretty amazing what you can create when you let the nature work its magic on the complete worthless of the things — at times art is born.
March 23, 2018   I am tired of listening to comments on Facebook, mentioning it’s already too late or no point now or the platform is too valuable. We need to stop
March 22, 2018   iPad still remains the best device for consumption. And shines at times even for creation given it allows focus. On a Mac, I keep getting distracted
March 22, 2018   Great analogy by Dave Winer → It’s just that people who use the new Google-powered system will get a big warning when they come to visit. “This
March 20, 2018   Every now & then, I come across a IndieWeb enabled site with all the principles implemented, working just the way they were meant to. And it is
March 20, 2018   I wonder can we not post titles with notes in quill? I want to post replies with some comments, but such posts always have empty titles. I need to
March 20, 2018   It was great listening to @modernlittleme. I say this again, it is refreshing to hear new thoughts, new voices, new likings on podcasts than the
March 19, 2018   A good book is the one that makes you shout at a character to not do a thing he’s doing. To not say a thing he’s about to say. That makes you feel
March 18, 2018   It is so difficult, even frustrating at times, to find just that right combination of a pen and paper that works for you. No point having just that
March 16, 2018   When your mind is loaded with stuff, from work and from home and from others, it stops churning thoughts. Nothing interesting comes out. It needs
March 15, 2018   A delicious multi-course meal is always the best way to get through a tedious work week.
March 14, 2018   Such a great first episode of Micro Monday — I love the format, & I love the concept. It was great knowing a bit more about @macgenie. I really
March 13, 2018   Does preparing for an exam mean making one learn? I never believed that, but am always reminded that it’s a pretty well spread and well accepted
March 11, 2018   As we detoured in search of dinner, we had no idea we would halt at a place that hadn’t aged with time.
March 10, 2018   I recently switched off the “Trim Silence” mode. Even got the playback speeds to 1x. All it lasted for was an hour. There are very few podcasts that
March 9, 2018   At times, we do surprise ourself with what we achieve with the creativity - and let the nature grow.
March 9, 2018   Short, crisp review of Galaxy S9 → “If you want this phone, just buy an S8” - Vlad Savov So, a new year, new Samsung device, same product story.
March 8, 2018   It’s difficult to keep up with any goals once you are on an official travel. Thoughts have gone done, writing is affected and interactions badly so.
March 8, 2018   There’s something unnaturally beautiful about this bench - in midst of a hive of activity, in search of that one companion.
March 7, 2018   At times, it’s the calm, the silence, an empty pathway that lends the solace. One such comforting walk today.
March 7, 2018   I am always surprised by the number of typos in e-books. One would think a digital format would be better suited for revisions. Doesn’t appear to be
March 7, 2018   Even after so many travels, every imminent one makes me nervous even now. And am sure it is not about the actual travel, but all the packing and
March 6, 2018   She narrated so many tales. Wish I had understood at least a couple.
March 6, 2018   Amazon Alexa Devices Are Laughing Spontaneously → People are reporting that the bot [Alexa in Amazon Echo] sometimes spontaneously starts laughing
March 6, 2018   This week was an interesting one. Not much productive, but then just productive enough. What I am focused on now is more from the last week and some
March 5, 2018   This lone lamppost always befuddles me — I can never decide whether to be saddened by its loneliness or be pleased to see it still stand strong.
March 5, 2018   Micro Monday: @eli. His stream is full of interesting posts and snaps. And some delightful conversations on varied topics. You will surely find
March 5, 2018   They say the world online is spoilt, spiteful. It’s all rage, and slander. All one utters of others online is vile. I did believe so too. And then I
March 5, 2018   So I wasn’t too off on Oscars predictions. We can kind of guess which movies will win the big awards. I wish Dunkirk had won some, but I guess
March 4, 2018   So the Oscars are almost here. And I’ve got a feeling that it will be The Shape of Water, Darkest Hour and Get Out that will win big. Dunkirk has
March 4, 2018   A tray of fresh breakfast served by my daughter’s imagination.
March 4, 2018   Watched Spider-Man: Homecoming again. I just love every film in MCU. Superhero films are supposed to be fun, not some dark societal commentary. And
March 4, 2018   I guess the attempt from Apple to market HomePod as a speaker-first-smart-later device didn’t work. All I see is people complaining about how Siri
March 3, 2018   Greens at home make a tiresome day just a tad more soothing.
March 3, 2018   “Being a parent makes you feel like a blanket that’s always too small.” Few truer words have been spoken on parenting than this. And who else than
March 3, 2018   I wish the full screen mode on Safari did what I want it to do — go full screen on the article. No address bar, no Favorites bar; just go full
March 3, 2018   I get a physical newspaper delivered to me every morning. My morning cup of tea with a daily dose of news, ones not worthy to go viral has been a
March 2, 2018   Stairs to serenity, an opportunity to rise above the routine hustle and bustle.
March 2, 2018   In continuation to my wish for the publications to allow subscribing only to their exclusive content, I have realised even the curators and
March 2, 2018   Every time I attempt to read any publication, I am bomabarded with the content marked “Exclusive” which rarely is exclusive. Many publications just
March 1, 2018   So after carefully considering which apps actually deserve a place on my device, I’ve for the first time a vacant space in the dock. A spot that
March 1, 2018   ‘Bro Culture’ Led to Repeated Sexual Harassment → Former Google Engineer’s Lawsuit Says: Lee’s male coworkers retaliated against her after the
March 1, 2018   Adore that season where winter is bidding adieu and summer is getting ready, knocking on the doors. Greens are at their pleasing best.
February 28, 2018   I am becoming too much fussy, too much skeptical about things. I find a perfect, vacant parking spot and first thing I think is why has no one else
February 27, 2018   Why a billionaire’s Instagram alternative is suddenly so popular → So how does it make money? The short answer is that it doesn’t — at least, not
February 27, 2018   Human, you talking to me? Jeez, mon, I’m surrounded by amateurs.
February 27, 2018   My daughter teaches me, makes me think so much from dawn to dusk. Her curiousity towards her surroundings, an open mind to absorb and an unceasing
February 26, 2018   Micro.threads update. Added refresh support for existing threads, useful mainly for all Discover tags which get regularly updated. And of course,
February 26, 2018   Every time I have to open up my code, it makes me extremely nervous. There is so much mess that needs clean up. Some ugly configurations, a lot of
February 26, 2018   Finally, got the microblog section of my site, the journal as I call it, designed just the way I wanted — learner and cleaner. Feed issues are
February 26, 2018   If you had to recommend one post, long, short doesn’t matter, what would that be? Something, preferably not around tech. Something that made you
February 25, 2018   Updated the page for this week — it’s been all about the hobby projects. So few things took a backseat, entered into week two of their existence
February 25, 2018   "So, what version of yourself are you?"   The world is full of fascinating minds, with a stream of curious thoughts trickling onto the web - day in day out. I came across another one today
February 25, 2018   I am seriously coming to that side of belief where microposts are no different from longer posts. As @colinwalker had once told me, its just a
February 24, 2018   More than the actual gameplay, I am mesmerised by the zen mode in Alto’s Odyssey. At times, I just sit at a spot and relax with the soothing music
February 24, 2018   I am part of so many interesting conversations at micro.blog that make me wish for a way to follow and persist them. So, I just created a small
February 24, 2018   Finally watched The Big Sick. It’s refreshing to see some real couples, doing normal couples’ stuff. Performances are patchy throughout, but
February 24, 2018   It’s been a very hectic week, loaded with work and hobby projects. Sleep is affected. Life with family is affected. Weekend is marked for the
February 23, 2018   @manton I started working on an app based on Micro.blog APIs — started as a project to learn and explore. I do want to open it up to others now, in
February 23, 2018   I look at some people and heartily feel the society does not deserve them. I am confounded as to what covert energy drives such lot. There is no way
February 22, 2018   "Thoughts on Google’s strike against non-https sites"   Dave Winer wrote about Google’s recent strike on non-https sites. When big companies try to force you to change your web site, say no. The web does
February 21, 2018   Yee-haw! Alto’s Odyssey is here. Farewell to some hours of productivity. And welcome some hours of relaxing glides. 😊
February 20, 2018   You code. Or you write. Rarely can you do both together. That context switching is not so seamless. I guess it has to do something with that left
February 20, 2018   On my IndieWeb Journey, there are few things I haven’t sorted out yet. To set up a media endpoint for micropub. To (auto) send webmentions to the
February 19, 2018   I had been displaying the webmentions on the posts for some time now. Idea was to validate if things were setup correctly. Once I had an idea on
February 19, 2018   I got a JSON feed setup for my site. When I began, I did not think it would be this simple. I love this format, I am comfortable playing around with
February 19, 2018   Another day, another playground. It’s a feed fixing day — I need to decide how I want to serve my feed. In addition, prominently display the links
February 18, 2018   I’m surprised to see the number of blogs run by blot here. I can see the attraction of a simple file-system based posting mechanism. I guess people
February 18, 2018   As planned, I got a /now page setup for my site. I do not want to load it with too much of text. This is what I intend. A small write-up on what’s
February 18, 2018   So unlocked one more pin with my latest post. Can I say it wasn’t intentional? Planned? 🤗
February 17, 2018   There are days when her doll becomes her life. Whatever she does, it stays by her side. For her, it becomes “she”. For us, she becomes her. Today’s
February 17, 2018   I sincerely hope the “Reply All” option is higher on @manton’s list of to-dos — I need it throughout the day, multiple times 🤞🏽
February 17, 2018   I am surprised I never tried VS code earlier. I think there’s something about dev tools that we do not want to change them often - I‘ve been a
February 17, 2018   I’m really impressed with Visual Studio Code. It works great on Mac (and of course is cross platform), has perfectly useful editor, debugger. Syntax
February 16, 2018   I plan to get a “Now” page setup for my site. I debated a lot if I would be able to keep it updated regularly. I don’t think I can if I keep it as a
February 15, 2018   The sheer number of modules available in Node can overwhelm you at times. Think of any utility, small or large, there must exist a module on Github.
February 15, 2018   “Math is math, why would they change math?” Gosh, this Incredibles 2 Trailer is awesome. Just can’t wait for this movie to release.
February 15, 2018   I am reading posts mentioning Apple should have caught rings problem in QA. However I have a genuine question. Is it a valid test case to check
February 15, 2018   Notifications were barging into my life very frequently, throughout the day. And night. I had to take control of this. And I have been extremely
February 14, 2018   Purge Undeserving Notifications   Notifications are distractions, but they don’t have to be — it calls for an aggressive behaviour on user’s part to manage them. Any app that needs
February 14, 2018   “Google details how Chrome’s optional ad blocking, which goes live tomorrow, will work: which kinds of ads will trigger it, how Chrome will notify
February 14, 2018   Biggest shortcomings of humanity come to fore when we stop appreciating others’ and their time’s worth. I see the behaviour play out way too often,
February 13, 2018   A great post from @colinwalker explaining his learnings from his Write365 challenge. It reminded me of one of my posts expressing a sentiment
February 13, 2018   AMP for Email → Because AMP for Email is an open spec, we look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too. Won’t it be
February 13, 2018   I watched the first season of Black Mirror completely. It took me at least a couple of days to get over the gloomy mood clouding my mind. It’s kept
February 13, 2018   I am surprised at the sheer scale of insider information that Gurman has managed to scoop. Especially so given that it is all software. That is one
February 13, 2018   It is annoying to watch your hairline recede. It is even more annoying to be a mute spectator of the juggling act that gets payed every day over
February 12, 2018   "Receding Hairline"   A receding hairline poses a lot of annoyance for the owner of one. And I won’t even get into how painful it is to watch your forehead span further
February 12, 2018   🎵 A great song this - Here I dreamt I was an architect I need to listen to more from this band - The Decemberists, for their great acoustic.
February 12, 2018   It’s difficult to maintain, support and improve legacy features. Always better to clean the slate and start fresh with a new design and current
February 12, 2018   Alto’s back with a new adventure → The main evolution is that Alto has learned to embrace his adventurous side: this time he is calling the shots
February 12, 2018   HomePod is speaker first, after all → Siri on the HomePod doesn’t need to be terribly clever to keep up with Alexa in my house. A great review by
February 11, 2018   There is no better way to sign-off the week than enjoying a sumptuous meal with your family, sharing lots of stories & laughs and a cheery time
February 11, 2018   I wish there was a single place where I could see all my paid subscriptions. There is a reason at times I prefer subscribing via App Store, even if
February 11, 2018   Finally managed to document the journey embracing IndieWeb principles on my site built with Hugo. This has been a pretty satisfying project,
February 10, 2018   I am seriously considering closing my gmail account. I am weary of dumping more and more of my data to Google data farm. But I wonder what are the
February 10, 2018   So the timeline is full of individual’s HomePod reviews. And almost everyone’s loving it. Hardly seen anyway complain about Siri yet. I guess just
February 9, 2018   “Understand humility. Foster dignity. Live memorably. Endure.” → “The night before I turned 30, I found myself so surprised to have reached an age
February 9, 2018   It’s mesmerising to wake up to some of the most beautiful creations of nature — a lot satisfying if it’s you who’ve nurture them.
February 8, 2018   Since the day I brought Echo in my home, I always wondered how smart the ecosystem of IOT devices really is. Kashmir Hill’s great post journaling
February 8, 2018   I hate that my Kindle has great battery life — I keep running it for weeks for it doesn’t need recharged. But when I need my books the most, it
February 8, 2018   Finally managed to catch up to the Falcon Heavy launch posts/videos. Gosh, it just was an inspiring experience to watch it, and see it being watched
February 8, 2018   In response to a great article by Kashmir Hill on living in smart homes, I have captured some of my observations. Just reiterates, smart homes are
February 8, 2018   Feedly does not handle the posts without title well. How about the alternatives? Feedbin, Feedwrangler?
February 7, 2018   HomePod reviews should be pretty heartening for Apple. They looked focused at nailing the hardware — which is lauded unanimously. Feature parity
February 7, 2018   🎵 A great playlist - Autumn Acoustic Pop. Keeps your mind at calm.
February 7, 2018   Nature has the ability and avidity to affect your state of mind — at times in most positive ways. And you are fortunate if your work place offers it
February 6, 2018   I think I need to clip my subscription list of podcasts. I have realised I am spending significant chunk of my day listening to varying perspectives
February 6, 2018   Late to bed, early to rise. Not the way for healthy life. But that’s what I am going through - thanks to the great conversations taking place on
February 5, 2018   For Micro Monday, I would like to recommend @colinwalker. He writes some great posts, on his really well-designed blog with every element thought
February 5, 2018   Social media tricks me into thinking I’ve connected with other humans when really I have only acknowledged their existence. It is not enough.
February 5, 2018   🎵 Such a creative track this - Efflux of Time by Aditi Ramesh.
February 5, 2018   Every time I listen to the Best of the Week playlist on Apple Music, I realise how different my choice of music is. I rarely like a song in there.
February 5, 2018   Great trailer for Westworld Season 2. Fitting background music to an impactful utterance of the message🤩 “But this world is a lie. This world needs
February 5, 2018   You know the best way to spread a bit of positivity around? Greet people in the morning. I have realised it works, so I’ve resolved to greet the
February 5, 2018   It’s promising to see when humanity puts its difference aside to help out an animal in trouble. Yesterday, was one such showcase when a tired &
February 4, 2018   @colinwalker Sure. For me, when I referred to long posts, I meant ones a bit refined, independent posts - not from continuous stream of thoughts.
February 4, 2018   So finally managed to open-source the enhanced theme on my site. More about the overall setup here. Still need to work on webmentions display - some
February 4, 2018   This is such a great post benchmarking Hugo against Jekyll. The faster build times was extractly the reason I went ahead with Hugo.
February 4, 2018   At times, it is useful to not wait to get the perfect code base before checking in, especially on branches. There are can be further refinements,
February 3, 2018   🎵 Now Playing Free Fallin’ - such a great song.
February 3, 2018   What is it with the latest websites that the “Request Desktop Site” just doesn’t work? I have hardly seen any website respond with what I want -
February 3, 2018   There was a time recently when I seriously considered buying a Windows. Needed an Air, but not the Air in its current form (thanks Apple). However I
February 3, 2018   You stay late, you screw up your mornings. You don’t, well, you anyway screw up the mornings. So the choice’s pretty clear most of the time.
February 3, 2018   “You’re killing me with your eyes But with your smile you revive” 🎵 Sentimental Trick
February 2, 2018   Cleaning your code to make it ready for open source or to put it out in public is always such a tricky task. You spew so much mess when you are the
February 2, 2018   Why Micro.blog has a great chance to succeed?   Brent Simmons wrote a great post on why micro.blog is not another App.net. And I completely agree with him. I do want to add a couple of aspects
February 2, 2018   I guess it’s the seasons of new bots signing up on twitter. Suddenly a rush of new followers - look clearly to be bots (and of course they have
February 1, 2018   I believe when organisations say AI powers each of their offerings/products, they use the term way too leniently. Not every problem needs AI to be
February 1, 2018   “What would make more sense to me is that Amazon converts the latter into a marketplace where PBMs, insurance administrators, distributors, and
February 1, 2018   🎵The whole playlist is stunning — has taken me through so much of tiring hours. Coffee Break
February 1, 2018   Adding Touch Support on Mac   Steven Sinofsky, in response to an interesting (and hopefully promising) note from Axios, again raised the long debated point. Adding touch to OS X
February 1, 2018   These are such great captures of the lunar eclipse from yesterday. Of course, not captured by me - wish I could identify and credit the original
February 1, 2018   Who would make me feel starstruck?   On one of the recent episodes of “Reconcilable Differences”, John Siracusa and Merlin Mann had an interesting conversation on who would make them
January 31, 2018   “When life gives you lemons, check to make sure they aren’t, in fact, underripe grapefruits. If they’re underripe grapefruits, you’re well and truly
January 31, 2018   @manton How does crossposting from micro.blog to twitter handle the syndication? Will the webmentions be pulled back to the post on website? I
January 31, 2018   I think I might have finally cracked the Micropub endpoint riddle - an attempt to post via micro.blog.
January 31, 2018   Customary reminder that timezones are mess if not handled during dev and build.
January 31, 2018   “Software will always be simple and reliable if it is built to address the problem it aims at with whatever technology -
January 31, 2018   Facing an issue parsing webmentions accessed via webmention.io api. I am not sure what the sort order should be — neither nor
January 31, 2018   I wish I did not have to use any of the Google apps on iOS. But I just can’t find a way to drop Gmail. I guess email has to die for that to happen —
January 29, 2018   Enabled the h-entry microformat markup to posts/journal entries. POSSE handled via IFTTT recipes on feeds. Still need to set up a micropub
January 29, 2018   Embracing IndieWeb can at times feel overwhelming. But it’s the amazing implementations that keep me inspired - ones from the likes of Barnaby
January 28, 2018   I have enabled an extremely basic processing and display of two types of posts - likes and replies. However, am still not sure the possible activity
January 28, 2018   On my journey towards embracing IndieWeb, achieved - identify via microformats2, IndieAuth enabled, webmention addressed - receive and send mentions
January 26, 2018   Experimentation continues with IndieWeb projects — over to Webmentions. It is a really wonderful concept which enables responses
January 25, 2018   Today has really been extremely productive. I have got many of the things sorted out. Posting from a workable CMS (thanks Netlify CMS), crossposting
January 25, 2018   Exploring the option to enable an editorial process in CMS. So that a draft can be saved first before it is published. This will be a nice option to
January 25, 2018   Managed to solve the problem with avoiding issue with including title for microblog in crossposting. Solution? Of course, involved fixing the RSS
January 25, 2018   It’s been about 6 months now that I got my static site up with Hugo. Pretty satisfied with what I’ve got running. However, though I am digging
January 25, 2018   I am since long fascinated by IndieWeb and multiple projects the guys are working on. One project that recently got me hooked is micro.blog. I have
January 22, 2018   This is a test post to check for on-this-day feature.
September 8, 2017   Ganesh Visarjan 2017   Ganeshotsav - a festival that has me mesmerised for 10 days. One that makes me forget all the crippling and cribbing of the routine mundane life.
September 1, 2017   "A Writer's Dilemma"   A writer who also is a technology enthusiast is a worst combination. Every now and then there is a constant fight between the writer and the tech
August 27, 2017   "Medium"   Everyday, I have a lot many thoughts about Medium these days. For some reason, I find it is turning out to be not so good a platform for writers.
August 25, 2017   "Ganeshotsav 2017"   Ganeshotsav. The festival that brings families together. The festival that makes everyone forget about their individual differences and work with a
August 23, 2017   "Solar Eclipse 2017"   Historical it was tagged. It had so much of hype and so much of build-up. It really was surprising how much big of an event it was made. And of
August 19, 2017   "Journal"   I have become a big fan of the Mc Sweeney’s publication. Every day brings a new satire, a new angle, new humor to the terrible events in the world.
August 15, 2017   "Journal"   As I read this, I sat there with a chill down my spine. “Terror is not an unjustified reaction to knowing this virus exists. We have no room to be
August 14, 2017   "Journal"   I was writing the setup page of this site when this thought triggered in my mind. iPad is just a consumption device till you try. Once you do, you
August 11, 2017   "Journal"   I had a lot of thoughts on the whole Google is handling the diversity wrong” memo kerfuffle. Here are some of them. - The memo had the leadership
August 10, 2017   "Journal"   A must watch short documentary from WSJ, named so aptly “Behind the Glass”. The story behind iPhone’s journey to existence will keep fascinating us,