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Blot's simplicity is useful, but

I am pretty confused at this point. On one hand, I do not think there is any other platform that offers a publishing” flow as simple as blot. However on the other, I am not sure what all is involved if I have to go full in — use blot as my primary website. To start with, just noting down few clear-cut drawbacks (true at least as of now).

  • Secure HTTPS support
  • Posting from office, without micropub
  • Available themes are very basic, may need too much customisation
  • Doesn’t seem to have an easy way to separate posts
  • Handling different types of posts - like, reply, repost.
  • Indieweb support, primarily micropub, webmentions and microsub is going to be tricky.
  • Dropbox APIs with micropub is an open question
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