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Hugo Issue Update

Update at 2:03PM:

Final update, hopefully. Culprit is identified as the list.html in \layout\page. As I suspected, this must have been affected in v3.1 when the concept of page bundles was introduced. I still do not understand it fully. But I guess I will go ahead with the fix for now. Issue is closed.

Update at 12:23PM:

List is getting populated from some other place for sure. Makes me think the index.html is also not the one I am making changes to. Something is overriding this bloody file.

So I still do not have any clue on why the index.html fails to render after every change. I have sought out help even from the hugo community. No luck yet. There are 2 primary issues1 I face.

  1. Changes to index.html aren’t reflected in the generated home page. Ones from partials are.
  2. Failure in recognising Type and other metadata params used in index.html.

Anyway, I think I might as well just fix the home page or create something new before I explore blot as possible replacement for Hugo. Anyway other parts of the web site are working fine. As of now, I can think of the below reasons for these failures (including ones I have already ruled out).

  • Theme issue as it wasn’t upgraded along with Hugo - Upgraded, but no luck.
  • Layout template being picked up from some other location - /layouts exists only in themes
  • Unavailability of _index.md, might cause issue while generating home - Possibly not, I have added the file.
  • index.html code itself broken during upgrade. Some deprecated mechanism?
  • Possibly .Data.Pages — strongest possible reason at this point is the behaviour with this variable has changed.

  1. That I started facing post Hugo upgrade from 0.25.1 to 0.42.2

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