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February 8, 2019   Recently David documented the steps to expose a JSON feed on a @Blot site. I’ve been running a JSON feed for my blog for some time now, which also
February 7, 2019   Adding On This Day feature to Blot   Recently David Merfield, the developer behind Blot, documented the steps to expose a JSON feed on a Blot site. I have been running a JSON feed for
December 27, 2018   Finally, managed to document the steps to enable webmentions support on one’s site. I hope it comes handy for at least few people. This should allow
December 10, 2018   I had missed that David has added a new function to Blot “to step around the issues micro.blog was having with images in Blot’s RSS feeds”. This
October 10, 2018   Displaying images from Blot on Micro.blog   Update: David has added a new function “to step around the issues micro.blog was having with images in Blot’s RSS feeds”. This change should allow
August 21, 2018   Blotpub bundles a Media Endpoint now   There was one (last?) missing piece in the quest of mine to simplify posting to my blog - and that was photos. Most of my posts originate on
August 20, 2018   Creating a new view on Blot   I recently wanted to create a new view (a page) for all my social posts. Apparently, even if you create the page there are still few additional
August 19, 2018   Blotpub now supports syndication to Mastodon   With all the recent discussions around Mastodon and how it is different, possibly better, I thought there is no way to judge that without using the
August 6, 2018   Blotpub Now Supports Likes and Replies   Since I introduced blotpub a couple of days back, I have been continuously posting to the site from different Micropub clients. And I am happy that
August 3, 2018   Blotpub - Micropub Endpoint for Blot   Continuing my experiments with Blot, and as a next step in Indiewebifying it, I had recently sorted out the webmentions setup and display. There was
August 2, 2018   Theme Refresh for My Blot Blog   I have observed that I have been more inclined recently to post on Blot blog. I do have my main website which I have been using for all things long
July 18, 2018   Changing Date Format in Blot   So, in one of the recent posts on indiewebifying the blot.im site, I was faced with a roadblock. I could not find any way to format the published
July 17, 2018   Update - IndieWebifying the Blot site   Given the recent focus on the working on Micro.threads, I hardly had any spare time for working on exploring Blot. Micropub remains a distant dream.
July 10, 2018   Update on Blot Open Questions   Update: I had sent these questions to David, the developer behind Blot, on the support email address. And of course, given how gem of a person he
July 9, 2018   I think I may have hit the right ingredients to what I want to achieve with my blot blog. Look wise I am surprised the default theme suited me the
January 22, 2018   This is a test post to check for on-this-day feature.