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July 16, 2019   The ICC World Cup deserved a better end than what played out on Sunday between England and New Zealand. All the debates and controversies around the
July 10, 2019   India's loss in World Cup Semi-Final 🏏   So India lost to New Zealand in Semi-Final of the ICC world cup 2019. I have some thoughts. It’s heartbreaking as hell. Almost at a level of 2003
July 10, 2019   This ICC Cricket World Cup is of One Day International (ODI) cricket — one day. Deciding finalist via a two-day match just
April 22, 2019   Missed a great innings from MSD yesterday — boy, the man can do anything. He has his own style of working a game of cricket.
April 11, 2019   IPL matches are running too late into the night — I just can’t stay up late on the weekday. I’m sure am not alone and the