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January 7, 2019   πŸ”— A year of kindness by Sameer πŸ”— Commonmarks by Matthew πŸ”— Word to live by: Jean, Cheri, Manuel, Sameer πŸ”— Streets
December 31, 2018   πŸ–ΌοΈ Celebrations! Sameer πŸ“·, Tones πŸ“·, Steven πŸ“·, Randy πŸ“·, Paul πŸ“·, Rosemary πŸ“·, Gabriel πŸ“·, Andrew
December 24, 2018   πŸ”— YouTube Conundrum by Nitin πŸ”— Quantum Amplitudes via John πŸ”— Like-button and Internet via Fiona πŸ”— Themes: Blot
December 17, 2018   πŸ”— On switching to a Pixelbook via Colm πŸ”— Forgetting habits learned from online platforms by Alan πŸ’¬ ..and
December 10, 2018   πŸ”— CSS suggestions by Josh πŸ”— Bob Dylan River by Ron πŸ”— Quick story about his mom by Ross πŸ”— On Creativity by Annie πŸ”—
December 1, 2018   πŸ”— Directory of Hyperlink Nodes by Brad πŸ”— Pixelbook experiences by Frank πŸ’¬ Sharing Family Photos πŸ”— Passive iOS Games by