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October 15, 2018   On Podcasts, News and Well-being   Experts talking about
October 9, 2018   Being Social on Web   Long and short. One of the key reason for this change in my
September 30, 2018   Sorry, Chrome is Not a Google Service   I
September 3, 2018   Simplicity of Love   He primarily talks about his
August 31, 2018   With the amount
August 30, 2018   Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media   This is such a fascinating read — I don’t think it is a stretch to think there would be teens who would be overwhelmed by the
August 30, 2018   Twitter is testing a feature where it suggests who to unfollow   And then I read this again. I checked the source to make sure it isn’t from The Onion. It wasn’t. We know that people want a relevant
August 23, 2018   Your Users Aren't Always Right   Or even
August 20, 2018   Mark Zuckerberg and other big boys don’t have my sympathy   I might be the only person on Earth feeling sorry for
August 14, 2018   Twitter Has Desensitised Us   Especially Twitter. I had also expressed
August 10, 2018   Search Engines need to redesign their results   He was focused a bit on how it can make blogging valuable
August 10, 2018   Why not just quit Twitter?   And this is after a similar exodus from Facebook pretty
August 8, 2018   Bad news: there's no solution to false information online   This is a must read article from Ben Werdmüller where he concisely conveys the problem around fake news1 and also presents how different players in
August 7, 2018   Freeing the Web from the Browser   No longer must researchers comb through endless indices
August 2, 2018   This is how the homepage looked. And this how they introduced the prominent change visible out there