Excursions by Amit Gawande

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October 19, 2019   Early morning drive through the nature with a steady drizzle around is always rejuvenating. Especially with the windows rolled down!
August 30, 2018   A culture canvased on the wall.
August 27, 2018   Reminiscences of the days gone by, when sales were not what these drove.
August 26, 2018   Rakshabandhan - the celebration of one of the funnest and purest relationships, of a brother and a sister.
August 22, 2018   I come to this place often. And ruminate. There’s something about the structure that calms me.
August 22, 2018   Time for churning some thoughts. Time for slurping some chai. ☕️
August 21, 2018   A walk amidst the nature, under an umbrella. With raindrops composing the best of the music to go with. Nothing more calming.
August 16, 2018   A trail in nature, to serenity. A quest to seek calmness. When your reinvigorated mind carries your weary body through.