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April 22, 2019   Publishing to the open web   I read this note from Dave Winer on state of publishing on the open web. The first part reads like a fact. It’s too hard to publish something to
April 3, 2019   I feel you are over-analyzing it. For me, all it comes down to is the order. So for the two categories you mentioned, blogs are usually ordered by
March 24, 2019   Oh, I completely agree. It is very much needed. Tidying up thoughts is equally important.
November 3, 2018   Fast forward a year, and after a lot of trial and error I’m ready to now take the next step in removing Google from my
November 1, 2018   I strongly believe we need tread extra cautiously while observing what these companies do with the internet. They would like to have their own
November 1, 2018   (…) expanding a license’s requirements beyond derived works is not entirely new; the GPL’s requirement that build scripts be released is one
October 11, 2018   I’m turning off crossposting my blog to Twitter via Micro.blog. (…) Twitter is its own thing, it’s weird when I post something on my blog, but I
October 1, 2018   As it stands, I’ve put in 2,600+ hours and written 62,176 lines of code (mostly C++). The game’s made $27.92 in income, which nets out at about
September 17, 2018   With the new iPhones coming out today, I wanted to revisit the whole Apple vs. headphone jack fiasco. Why? Seriously, why?
August 7, 2018   Micro.blog is the only service that I use which uses email-only authentication. And it is a win-some-lose-some experience. There are times,