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October 26, 2018   Ouch, @NYT_Crossword
September 30, 2018   I’m a technically-minded person but reading Solid’s homepage and docs, it sounds completely incomprehensible to me
September 29, 2018   Both Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh fielded questions from lawmakers and prosecutor Rachel Mitchell. But
August 28, 2018   There aren’t enough ’lol’s and ’wtf’s in the world to compensate me for what I’ve lost reading this
August 23, 2018   i proofread my writing by piping it through espeak
August 21, 2018   And now, because it is late summer — a guide to Yellow Stripey Things
August 20, 2018   This ✨magical link✨ shows your Twitter timeline in true chronological order—without retweets, liked tweets, or
August 18, 2018   40 innocent children killed on a bus in Yemen. Our ally. Our missile. Our crime