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October 17, 2018   ” WTF! Just look at those product
October 17, 2018  
October 17, 2018   Facebook is just being Facebook - “after saying last week no data collected through Portal would be used to target users with ads, Facebook now says
October 16, 2018   It was time to update the page. I enjoy drafting
October 16, 2018   Review is supposed to be objective, fact based. You like
October 16, 2018   b written while I was asleep. RSS won’t help, neither will Micro.threads if conversation dies down
October 12, 2018   How does it solve the spam calls problem? Don’t I have to be equally attentive when the call
October 12, 2018   Sure, the movie is a drag, but it’s a lot better than recent attempts from
October 12, 2018   Every frame suggests how laggy the ChromeOS platform
October 12, 2018   How did I miss this update? Kudos @manton for
October 12, 2018   Thoughts on Google’s Call Screening feature   How does it solve the spam calls problem? Don’t I have to be equally attentive when the call
October 11, 2018   This madness needs to stop - these devices may be becoming smarter by day, we humans
October 10, 2018   And I think m.b and efforts I put to enable the IndieWeb principles on my
October 9, 2018   Perfect for a chatty evening with family
October 9, 2018   Watching the #MadeByGoogle event live today would be like going to that one movie which you’ve discussed and debated and heard narration for from
October 8, 2018   So basically you can fire SQL-like queries to fetch
October 8, 2018   It’s one of those topics that
October 7, 2018   Especially clothing for myself. I would argue so much mental energy in “wasted” on making
October 7, 2018   io and micro.blog? I used to get replies on m.b as webmentions - but have stopped getting them
October 7, 2018   Especially
October 5, 2018   It lists down all the chapters (with easy access to sponsors links), how much time each
October 5, 2018   Such a wonderful read. I wonder how the hell have I not yet read this a hundred times. King
October 4, 2018   In a way tells you how lenient the platform
October 4, 2018   It takes efforts to keep your mind fresh and body energized to
October 3, 2018   No one cares about their data is such an
October 3, 2018   I am always anxious using voice assitants in pubic
October 2, 2018   And it is times like these that I find are
October 2, 2018   She invited me to her pretend kitchen to make a pretend roll from a piece of napkin which I
October 2, 2018   Frankly, I was a bit nervous and a lot worried. But then @macgenie is a
October 1, 2018   I believe it would be worth
October 1, 2018   But I think they
September 30, 2018   It has become the default search engine for me, and it seems am not
September 30, 2018   Procrastination and Routine   Any hint of a distraction and I go crazy running behind that. I also lack the skill to follow a
September 29, 2018   I’d never looked at them as a memory, your personal copy of
September 29, 2018   I am surprised to read the pushback against Marzipan and the extremely new Apple apps ported from iOS — especially they being
September 27, 2018   Nice, this post from @vasta got a mention from @leo on this week’s episode of MacBreak Weekly — especially “the automation offered in Shortcuts,
September 26, 2018  
September 26, 2018   e maps — “if you want to save a home or work address in
September 26, 2018   I guess it
September 26, 2018   It was a great family timeout — of course ignoring how
September 26, 2018  
September 25, 2018   b - make all the discussions around a topic to not appear on my timeline. Arguments tend to get
September 24, 2018  
September 24, 2018   I’m done with Chrome — doesn’t matter if the default signed-in mode is actually that bad or just an indication of a valid
September 24, 2018   Smaller they are, creepier they get. I think that man with a suit has just made them scarier
September 24, 2018   PocketCast is too “formal”, bland but perfectly
September 22, 2018   And this
September 21, 2018   No one has any idea if
September 20, 2018   In the company of Ted Talks, Simplify etc. It would be
September 20, 2018   And I thought this is a good opportunity to take it a step further. Change
September 17, 2018  
September 13, 2018   May be it is about wrong expectations, but nothing that is launched excites me. Not
September 13, 2018   Why do these companies keep hating us people who want smaller phones? And they do not ship their “low cost”
September 11, 2018   The fact that Chrome is the only one among the top browsers that does not have a native reader mode tells you about Google’s priorities (others
September 10, 2018   And it’s another of those well-supported services run by a single person. I am
September 6, 2018   Twitter tells me I am part of the “selected group of users” for a survey regarding their services. So, how are we supposed to “celebrate” such
September 5, 2018   Time to rethink things
September 3, 2018   I think at this point Google shouldn’t even wait for an event to release
September 3, 2018   Ah, I hate to look at my drafts posts
September 3, 2018   blog within the 280 characters, especially from iOS apps? If it goes beyond, it feels like cheating
September 2, 2018   I am giving up on
August 31, 2018  
August 31, 2018   May be declaring Windows 10 to be last version of Windows
August 31, 2018   I wish I had
August 31, 2018   threads helpful. There was otherwise no way I could catch up on posts missed and
August 31, 2018   0 looks nice. Rich custom snooze in notifications is a good addition in itself. Options earlier were too limited. Black theme, well not much
August 30, 2018   Can we be smart ourselves first and stop making everything out there
August 30, 2018   I would just
August 30, 2018   It needs to group them by interests, geographies and few other aspects. I had started
August 29, 2018   One thing that Google’s scattered focus - multiple start-ups inside, than a cohesive company with multiple products - and culture allows is to steal
August 29, 2018   blog app from the dock to a folder on the home screen. Screen Time showed I was hitting the limit for the social
August 29, 2018   Directory of Microbloggers   This fact is clear from the sheer number of discussions that happen on the Micro.blog platform asking for
August 29, 2018   Hurrah! That also means more recommendations from the community to
August 28, 2018  
August 26, 2018   All these devices look to be placeholders for now. Things they do are trivial
August 25, 2018   dated? As if people behind just didn’t look around, look what the competition was offering
August 25, 2018  
August 25, 2018   Our logo maker is free to use, so anyone can create stunning, professional logos in seconds - no
August 25, 2018   Every time there’s a story around ads, I grumble knowing that so much talent is wasted on such trivial a thing as advertising — our AI overloads
August 25, 2018   It’s time to catch up on all the lost sleep last week working late on the hobby projects — so much was done, but so much more of the health was
August 24, 2018   Like Twitter, statuses are plain text with no
August 24, 2018   Words. And Chai ☕️
August 24, 2018   Apparently, 23andMe had an API that “developers of health apps, weight loss services and quantified self tests” could use to build “services” over
August 24, 2018   Time to put him crooning in the background, stringing his guitar, get some positive vibes
August 24, 2018   But there is a fear deep within, there always comes a time when network effect kicks in. When users who do
August 24, 2018   The whole album is an
August 23, 2018   To do some inspired by Twitter/FB. To not to do some inspired by
August 21, 2018   0. This is a fascinating
August 20, 2018   I, on the other hand, have no sympathy for these
August 20, 2018   I like the name too, “Lethal White”. Mysterious. I better complete all the
August 20, 2018   Every time I visit Aaron Parecki’s website, I come back with some inspiration - understand why & how he is implementing the things the way he
August 20, 2018   Nanopub code and your notes helped me a lot while I was implementing the support for
August 19, 2018   The goal and the approach sound so promising. But how do you “implement” this, if that’s even a right
August 18, 2018   I decided today that I do not want to display the , and types of posts on my blog’s homepage. It looked too crowded on there for my liking. I
August 17, 2018   You borrow some from your daily kitty and you have to pay back with some high interest
August 16, 2018   I know we are (finally) fed up of Twitter and Facebook policy swings. But that doesn’t mean
August 14, 2018   Meditation   My mind wanders a lot, it’s cluttered, full of thoughts. Full of things I need to do. Things that I
August 11, 2018   Pipes? I had built so many custom feeds combining different feeds using that service. With my recent pull back to RSS, I really feel
August 11, 2018   Micro.blog - A wish and a fear   blog becomes bigger, more diverse with more voices spread across the world, the timezones, narrate their stories. It becomes difficult
August 10, 2018   But it is different from the Facebook exodus. They aren’t quitting. And I
August 9, 2018   I was always sceptical of the promises Magic Leap was making. Demos looked too good to
August 9, 2018   AMP has to be the ideal use-case on how an incumbent on web muscles its advantage to make others embrace its
August 7, 2018   After an extremely productive last couple of weeks, it was time to reflect on the days gone by and update the page. It is good every now and then
July 10, 2018   Micropub endpoint from the ground up   im has given the perfect opportunity to explore if I can get a Micropub endpoint created specifically for my needs
July 7, 2018   Blot's simplicity is useful, but   On one hand, I do not think there is any other platform that offers a “publishing” flow as simple as blot