Excursions by Amit Gawande

Update on experiment with Blot

I think I understand the interface a bit better. I feel the majority of the effort is going to be in theming. Question at this point in front of me is how close do I want to reach the existing theme?

May be I should just not worry about theming etc. How it looks can be considered secondary. I have hit upon a good enough theme (Magazine), I have started customising it. I feel I can live with this.

However, of more importance, for me is the indieweb support. I will have to start thinking about incorporating the basic microformats along with support for at least the below post types.

  • reply
  • like
  • repost

It may also involve some custom metadata creation.

There is one more open item, do I make this as the primary source or a secondary place to capture thoughts? I think for now it will remain the later. I plan to record the experiment. May be along the line, this becomes the only way I would want to post. If that happens, I will have my answer. An year is a good time frame to decide.

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