Excursions by Amit Gawande

Given that micro.blog was down most of the day today, I got a feel of how a timeline with just the original posts, no replies, would look like. And to be frank, I don’t think I like it that way. The timeline’s lively only with all the interactions in there 💬🙂

Thu, Jan 17, 2019 thoughts

Don’t kill my app

Smartphones are turning back into dumbphones. We’ve to fight back! To squeeze little extra battery out of phones, Android device vendors listed below (with their bad vendor score) cripple apps and make them useless.

Fights developers have to fight. Sigh!

Mon, Jan 14, 2019 thoughts

Watching the sun set into the expanse of an ocean is a great time to ruminate — it’s therapeutic.

Mon, Jan 14, 2019 thoughts

A cup of evening tea as the waves come gliding along the shore - the soothing sound, the serenity.

Sun, Jan 13, 2019 thoughts

It is for reasons like this that I never keep my SmartTV connected to internet. It doesn’t matter which brand the TV is (I own a Sony), I just don’t trust these guys to be cognizant enough of the importance of the data — and importance of collecting less of it. Stay dumb.

Fri, Jan 11, 2019 thoughts

Came across this wonderful, little app MorningPages. It looks like a simple, no bells and whistles personal journaling app. There’s no account creation, no server component. What you write stays, on your device - of course with an optional iCloud sync for cross device access.

Wed, Jan 9, 2019 thoughts

When you remove meaningless words, the power of your words goes up.” - Seth Godin

I know I should live by these words. But it is difficult - a really” while I write and actually” while I speak do poke their head often. I am now more aware of the aspect, though.

Tue, Jan 8, 2019 thoughts

New year, new GitHub

GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free.

Aha! Time to rethink if I should continue to pay, given MS owns it.

Tue, Jan 8, 2019 thoughts

It’s really fascinating to me that so much of complex design on web is possible now with CSS Grid. You can really think of content spaces as code blocks. This is a great guide to understand what and how of this fast tech - a lot I had no clue about.

Mon, Jan 7, 2019 thoughts

Ditching Medium

As you’ve probably heard, people aren’t happy with Medium at the moment. What started as an awesome blogging platform seems to have quickly turned into something that’s pushing people away in droves

Mine’s a similar journey - didn’t hate Medium right away.

Mon, Jan 7, 2019 thoughts

Humble brag alert - Micro.threads used up my free dyno hours on Heroku, for the 1st time. Plus few people successfully setup and used Blotpub. It’s gratifying to see something you build being of some help to others. May sound like minor wins - but for me, no win is ever minor 😁

Mon, Jan 7, 2019 thoughts dev

🎥 I finished watching second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - boy, such a wonderful show this is. I don’t remember the last time when I loved all the characters in a show this much. Everyone’s charming, and goofy in his or her own way. And Mrs. Maisel? Marvelous! (★★★★½)

Sun, Jan 6, 2019 thoughts

Social Networks won't fade away

Irrespective of what the popular belief is, the need for social networks is not going away — more so amongst those who are not technology oriented. Sure, some particular services that exist today may die down. But the medium won’t.

Just look at the history of the social media structures on the Internet. There has always existed a network of some form where every person that was connected could hang out. The initial users that adopted the digital life were techies, so their solutions were comparatively tech-savvy. I remember I have spent hours discussing and debating with my friends on IRC channels and on email groups and on XMPP-based IM clients.

I believe even in the world where not everybody and everything was connected, there existed mediums to communicate, to interact, to share. They might have been analog, or of forms that needed one to be in the presence of others. But they existed nonetheless.

In today’s age of smartphones, it’s become a lot simpler to get online and be connected” with others. As a result, there are more people, more common non-techies, who are always on the look out for simpler ways to share their thoughts once they get online and stay in touch with others. They will sign-up with any service that promises them that. And they did.

Sure, the proponents of the open internet, myself included, dislike the current social networking behemoths - Facebook, and Twitter. But I think it is important to not let the disdain for these specific platforms turn into a complete rejection of the medium itself. There will always exist some structure that can facilitate communication in the form of text, images and other share-worthy stuff. The state became dire when we let a set of private entities wall this structure in their silos.

No doubt, Facebook and Twitter are in decline today. But the terrible scenario can recur if the common, but rising set of connected users is not provided with more open, more interoperable alternatives that are equally engaging and simple to use. And do so before other silos take over the medium again.

I know of the services that already meet the open and interoperable” characteristic. But the majority contenders reek of by-the-techies-for-the-techies” fervour. So there’s still a long way to go to meet the engaging and simple” part — the one closest is Micro.blog. I believe there exists a group of brilliant minds that understands the importance of addressing this. It is incumbent upon this group to work towards that.

Sat, Jan 5, 2019 opinion social media

The iOS Menu

I realised six months ago as I was using my Mac, using the menus, that I need these things — menus — in Codea. (…) So I set out to make the best menus I could make for iOS.

Though interesting, I do not like the concept of menus on iPhones. iPads? May be.

Sat, Jan 5, 2019 thoughts